Check Saudi Iqama Fees for 2023

Check Iqama fees online on MOI with an ID number. It’s important to instantly check the iqama fee and if they paid or not. The resident permit Iqama is also known as the Muqeem card. It is a must to renew it every single year in Saudi Arabia.

As living in Saudi Arabia with an expired resident permit is completely illegal. That is why expatriates need to pay the renewal fees and get new resident permits each year. Moreover to know if your fees for your iqama are paid or not here is the guide.

Back in 2019 (Hijri 1440), The government of Saudi Arabia hiked the Iqama fee and fines. As the resident permit or work permit fees for the current and upcoming year are increased.

The good news for expatriates such as house drivers, and domestic workers, is that their Iqama (Jawazat) fees are exempted. Also for small companies, Mosasa with fewer employees is excluded from paying the Maktab-e-Amal levy fee. Except for these two categories, all other expatriates must pay the Iqama renewal fee. The list is given below.

Iqama Fees Check 2023 – Applicable from Jan 01

If your company, Mosasa, or Kafeel has more than 50% of Saudi national employees. Then the Iqama fees for MOI, work permit, and health insurance will be as follows.

  • The work permit fee is SR 500/month, the total is SR 6,000 per year.
  • MOI (Ministry of Interior) Iqama renewal fees are SR 650.
  • The average Health Insurance fee is SR 450.
  • Thus the total fee per year for each expatriate is SR 7,100.

Moreover, its fee structure depends on Saudization (Red, green Iqama color is also known as Nitaqat). If the number of Expats in a company or Mosasa is getting more than Saudi nationals. Then the work permit, MOI, and health insurance fee structure will follow.

  • The work permit fee is SR 650/month, the total is SR 7,200 per year.
  • Ministry of Interior (MOI) Iqama renewal fees are SR650.
  • The average fee for Health Insurance is SR 450.
  • Thus the total fees for every Expat per year are SR 8,300.

Iqama Fees Check 2022 – Applicable from Jan 01

If any company or Mosasa in Saudi Arabia has 50% or more than 50 percent Saudi nationals. Then the iqama 2022 fee will be as follows.

  • The work/resident permit fee is SR 700/month, the total is SR 8,400 per year.
  • However, the Ministry of Interior (MOI) renewal fee for Iqama is SR 650.
  • The average fee for Health Insurance in KSA is SR 450.
  • The total fees in 2020 for every Expat per year are SR 9,500.

Moreover, as I mentioned earlier, it depends on Saudization as well. In that case, if the Mosasa or company’s more Expats than 50%, then the 2020 fees will be as below.

  • The resident/work permit fee is SR 800/month, the total is SR 9,600 per year.
  • The Ministry of Interior service (MOI) Iqama renewal fee is SR 650.
  • The average fee for expatriate Health Insurance is SR 450.
  • The total fee for every expatriate is SR 10,700/year.

You may want to check the above diagram for a better understanding of the 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023 fees of Iqama. for more information, you can contact us or visit the Jawazat nearest office for more details.

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