Check Medical Report Online (Efada) for Saudi Iqama

Upon arrival in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, The first thing your Kafeel or company will issue to you is a valid iqama ID. Iqama is also known as a residence permit, without having the Iqama ID it’s impossible to live in the Kingdom. All expatriates must go through medical tests before the Iqama ID.

Once you get to your Kafeel or company, they will send you for the medical test. The charges for the test are SAR 200 approximately. However, paying charges is not your responsibility. Your company must pay for it. The test could be urine, blood, x-ray, eye, etc.

After that, the authorized hospital will issue your medical report result, and they make it online. The report will take place in the Jawazat database. Thus you can check it online via Efada if it is OK or not. For your information, the Efada website is the official health portal by MOH (Ministry of Health).

Requirements to Check Medical Test Report

Before getting into the procedure there are a few requirements you must know about. And they are:

  • A Border number is required, it is a unique number available on your passport near the entry stamp while entering the Kingdom via the airport.
  • Your personal Iqama number or mobile number.
  • And your company or Kafeel or sponsor ID number (ask your company or Kafeel).

Once you have all the above-required information, you can go ahead and follow the below procedure in order to see your medical test result online via Efada.

How to Check Medical Report Online on Efada

To check your Medical Report online, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to Efada official.
  2. Select Certificate Result as Inquiry Type.
  3. Enter your Border number in the second box.
  4. Now enter your phone or mobile number.
  5. Click the Search button.
How to Check Medical Report Online on Efada
How to Check Medical Report Online on Efada

Once the page reloads you will immediately see your medical test result. You will also see the hospital name (where your medical has been taken), issue date, expiry date, and status as approved or rejected.

Check Medical Report Status Online on MOH

MOH’s (Ministry of Health) official portal can facilitate you while checking your medical test report online on their database. To do so:

  1. Go to MOH.
  2. Enter your Border number then your Sponsor ID.
  3. Select query Type as Iqama Issuance.
  4. Now enter the image code and hit the Search button.
Check Medical Report Status Online on MOH in KSA
Check Medical Report Status Online on MOH in KSA

That is it, now you will see your medical test result once the page reloads. You will also find more details like the hospital name, report status, issue, and expiry date.

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