How to Check & Refund MOI Iqama Funds

Easily refund MOI iqama funds/fees to your bank account in Saudi. Thanks to MOI (Ministry of the Interior) for allowing expatriates to withdraw their deposited iqama fees back. Every single e-service is provided by the Ministry of Interior online, for the ease of expatriates and citizens.

People can deposit their money in SAR or you can add funds on mMOI for iqama renewal etc. However, it is an easy process and anyone can get back their available funds to a bank account. You can also check the video guide available below.

But before going for the withdrawal you should check if you have still access to the bank account you have used for the deposit. If you do, then follow the below procedure in order to get back your iqama funds.

How to Refund Iqama Funds from MOI in KSA?

Please remember you can use an ATM or Internet banking. But I would prefer to go for Internet banking. Now follow these steps.

  1. Login to your desired bank account for Internet banking
  2. Find MOI services, government payments, or similar options (different in each bank)
  3. Then click on the “Alien Control” option
  4. Now you have to select “Refund” as the transaction type
  5. Select for which MOI service you have added the funds. For example, iqama renewal, visa services, profession change, Kafeel transfer, and so on
  6. Enter your “Iqama ID number” and click the “Submit” button

If everything goes successfully, you should shortly get a confirmation text on the number you have added on MOI during registration. Also, you should get the transaction number with a confirmation message.

Now transaction amount will be received within 3 working business days into your bank account. The longer it can take is 7 days. Please instantly check your bank account daily, sometime it may happen that you may not get the SMS alert from the bank. However keep checking your NCB, Al-Rajhi, and Bank Al-Jazeera accounts.

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