How to Replace a Damaged Iqama (Procedure)

It is important for all expatriates to carry their iqama with them whenever they are traveling in KSA. Today I am going to show you how to get a new iqama or replace your iqama with ease.

Please keep in mind that whenever you are traveling with a damaged iqama and you are caught by the police. You can get a fine again with your iqama number because it’s also a violation. Authorities never accept iqama ID with a damaged cover or erased text on it.

In that case, you definitely need to go for the replacement of your iqama. This article is all about the procedure and what are the requirements of getting a replacement for an iqama ID.

Procedure for Replacement of Damaged Iqama ID

The first priority for you must be to ask your company HR office or sponsor also known as Kafeel. You need to ask one of them to give you a filled form for the replacement. That form should be stamped and signed by your company HR responsible or Kafeel.

Keep in mind that there are certain professional holders who cant renew or replace their iqama. Moreover, there is an update on the Maktab Amala and Jawazat Iqama fees. However, the fee for one year of Iqama renewal is just SAR 100, and for five years 1000. You can ask the person who sits right at the first gate of the Jawazat office.

It is important for you to clear traffic violations if there are any first. When you clear all violations against your iqama ID. Now it is time to visit the Jawazat office near you. Don’t forget to take these documents with you to the Jawazat office. The Iqama form, two passport-size photos, original passport and copy of it, damaged iqama, and proof of payment for the iqama.

Now when you enter the Jawazat office ask there if you want to replace your current damaged iqama. They will tell you where to go and what to do there, that is it. You can follow this guide if your iqama is lost and you wanna get a new one.

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