How to Refund Iqama Funds from MOI Absher

MOI (Ministry of Interior) allows you to withdraw/refund the Iqama funds you have added before. There might be lots of reasons you want to withdraw the online fund you have added to MOI. You can easily make a request online and refund the available balance/amount to your bank account.

No matter the reason you have submitted the fee, for example, iqama renewal, renewing a driving license, changing profession, car insurance, etc. But it is your right to get back your available balance on the Ministry of Interior website. If you don’t know how to query the available fund online, here is the complete guide for that.

Now keep in mind that you can get back your available amount to the account only you have used to add (deposit) the funds on MOI. No matter which bank/ATM you have used either Al Ahli, NCB, SABB, Riyadh Bank, Al Rajhi, ANB, Bank Albilad, etc.

How to Withdraw Iqama Funds from MOI Absher

  1. Log in to your bank account.
  2. Go to “Government Payment” (might be different on your bank’s website).
  3. Alternatively, you can go to “MOI Services”.
  4. Click “Alien Control”.
  5. Choose type as “Refund” and select “Service Type”.
  6. Enter your “Iqama number”.
  7. Click on the “Submit” option.

Once your online application has been submitted successfully. Now just wait for three (3) working business days. After that, you should receive the refund in your desired bank account. However, there might be possibilities of failure. In that case, you should contact your bank and tell them the exact situation. They might also help you get back your MOI balance.

There are most people don’t even understand Internet banking and deposit procedure on MOI. And they ask someone else to deposit their funds online on MOI. In that case, you should find that person and ask them to withdraw the funds they deposited earlier. But before doing anything you must know the procedure of how you can check the available funds on the Ministry of Interior’s official website.

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