Jawazat Office Locations Timings Saudi Arabia

Looking for Jawazat office location, working hours/days, and timings in Saudi Arabia? Don’t worry you are at the right place. Here is the accurate location of Jawazat provided via Google Maps and they’re in timings in KSA. GDP General Directorate of Passport is called Jawazat in Saudi Arabia. The word Jawazat and Iqama will be the most important to you when you live for living in Saudi Arabia. Jawazat GDP General Directorate of Passport is responsible for issuing the following:

  • Expired Iqama Renewal.
  • Issuing new Iqama for new expatriates in the Kingdom.
  • Family Visa issuance.
  • Exit Re-Entry Visa in the Kingdom, and a lot more services.

Jawazat Office Location/Timings Jeddah

In Jeddah Saudi Arabia you can find Jawazat in Abdullah Balkhayr, Al-Baghdediah Al-Sharqiyah, and Jeddah 22241. To find it on Google Maps click here. Working hours in Morning are 9:00 am to 2:00 pm and Evening timings are 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm. Close on Friday and Saturday only in a week.

Jawazat Office Location and Timings Riyadh

In Riyadh Saudi Arabia you can find Jawazat at 6971 King Fahad Branch Road, Al-Murabba, and Riyadh 12613. To find it on Google Maps click here. Working hours in Morning are 7:30 am to 3:00 pm and Evening timings are 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm. Close on Friday only in a week.

Jawazat Office Timings and Location Dammam

In Dammam Saudi Arabia you can find Jawazat in Eastern Province Passport Office, 9th street, Ar-Rabi, Dammam 32241. To find it on Google Maps click here. Working hours in Morning are 7:00 am to 3:00 pm and Evening timings are 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm. Close on Friday only in a week.

As per the above, you can easily find out Jawazat offices all over Saudi Arabia. One of the best suggestions is to find the location on Google Maps and send it to your phone from Google Maps. Turn the GPS on your smartphone and follow the track.

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  1. Azhar Uddin says

    Respected sir
    I want to confirm the working hours of the jawazat office in those days.
    Because I came to Saudi Arabia 1 month ago and my iqama are not provided by Agent told that jawazat office are closed and not working due to corona virus.

    1. Admin says

      Yes, it is true, once the Jawazat is open for everyone then you you will get your Iqama ID, don’t worry and wait.

      1. Jeany says

        Hello I am traveling to my country tomorrow (June 19) I asked my sponsor if she already get my final exit Visa she just told me that she already reported my expired iqama(already expired last month) but she didn’t know what that final exit visa mean. I’ve been worried because there is no office hour at fri. and sat. Can i get that visa through online? Is it possible that I can get it immediately even if my iqama is expired?

  2. Ejaz Hussain says

    My iqama is expired during the corona lockdown, the autoomatic renewal during these days are only done in the private sector employer.

    My employer is govt. sector, and they are saying that it will be renewed once jawazat will open, they cannot do online because of my kids are over 18yrs. and they need to show them the college letter.

    so I am so worried and my bank account got freeze

    1. Admin says

      Recently Jawazat issue an order unfreeze the bank accounts if your bank account is closed due to iqama expiry then just call your bank and they will remove or unfreeze your bank account. About the Iqama expiry, Yes there is nothing we can but to wait until Jawazat opens again. They are right to let the Jawazat opens first, don’t need to worry about anything because Iqama expiry is not an issue while the lockdown OK. Stay calm and be happy.

  3. S.Musawir shah says

    Hi sir,
    I came from Pakistan on 20 Jan Until my Agent don’t provide me Iqama already my 3 months in passport is expired so it will be make issue ☹️ for me or not.
    Second please tell me the opening date of jawazt

    1. Admin says

      As of now, there is no issue because there is a lockdown. However, at the end of May the Jawazat may open.

  4. Rizwan ahammed says

    Hi sir,
    I am an indian. 1year later i arrived in saudi.i have not received iqama yet.company is in red colour. So many times i try to take iqama. Now other company interested to sponsoring me. But that company needs my iqama number for transfering. I have only bordernumber. Coming october my passport validity also finished. Please reply me sir.

    1. Admin says

      Please contact your Embassy and tell them exactly you mentioned the details here. However, talk to the company and let them know how I can transfer to you.

  5. Ahmed says


    My family arrived to KSA on Residence Visa on February 08, 2020. Due to Corona, I was unable to make their Iqama. There is an online Iqama Issuance option available in Absher but it is saying “Insufficient funds or iqama issuance fee not paid”. I have already paid Iqama Issuance & Dependent fee for my wife & kids through bank but from Absher it is not done. The validity of the visa will expire in 2 days. Any solution? Since malls are open so Jawazat main office or offices of Jawazat in malls are open? what should I do now?


    1. Admin says

      No Malls are open but Jawazat are closed, however, you need to contact the bank call them and explain to them there is no fund in your Absher account. Once they send the funds then submit the funds and take a print of that print with, then there will be no issue for your family in the future. You can then show this print in Jawazat and tell them what happened.

  6. Musthafa says


    Does the jawazat work during Eid holidays? When will it resume after Eid holidays? If any

    1. Admin says

      No, after Eid 4th day.

  7. Muhammed Arif Shabbir says

    Please let me know the Jawazat timings in Taif city. Please I am waiting for your reply.

    1. Admin says

      I think it’s 8:00 AM to 2:30 PM

  8. Niaz Ali shah says

    Assalam o alaikum
    Where is diriyah jawazat office shifted, ?
    Location of the new diriyah jawazat office please.

  9. Elsa abayon says

    Sir,ill been working here in jeddah as caregiver or household worker i want to know that if i can get the end of service .? almost 17yrs working thesame employer i took to them already but they dont want to listen or believe me that your government implemented thie law the end of service benefits.i ask to the philippine embassy they said yes their is end of service benefist. Sir please help and let me know if it is true thank you.

  10. Abdul Waheed says

    Dear sir I have a small query, if someone came to vacation on exit Re-entry and didn’t return. And if sponsor not request for block to his employee. Can that employee will come with new visa?

  11. Faheem says

    My family came here last month on permanent visa, but my daughter ( 2 years old) is not appearing on my Absher. After checking, i have found that she has been entered here on employment visa, so not in my Absher. What to do sir.

  12. Muhammad Adil says

    Dear All,

    can anybody tell about the family visit visa extension, i went there today the riyadh main branch Jawazat to extend the visa but they said, come on last day of visa expiry, does it happened with someone else and visa extended on last day.

  13. fakhar hayat says

    can you share with me the jizan jawazat timing now a days sir ?

  14. ailyn says

    sir my iqama is expired for 1 year on aug 2021 since my previous company didn’t renew it..i will transfer to another company since i already finished my contract..the new company where i work cannot transfer my sponsorship because my old employer does not want to pay for the penalty of my iqama..if ever i’m gonna pay for it,,how much it will cost?and is there a way i can make my old employer/company pay the penalty of my iqama..i hope someone can help me about this matter..thanks in advance

  15. gara says

    good afternoon sir/madam,
    i just want to ask regarding the insufficient funds in jawazat what does it means coz we paid already the bills since my child was born until December and we want to issue final exit visa but the results shows that message insufficient fund. how can we resolve it thanks


  16. Aswathy says

    Hi sir
    My passport lost from me , what should I do?? What can I do.. I’m an Indian..
    Please help me

  17. Gushtasif ali says

    I want huroob paper send me

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