Check Saudi Iqama Expiry Date without Absher

There are millions of expatriates living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They work for their families and the future to earn and live a good life. All these expatriates in KSA are constantly checking their iqama expiry date. However, with the new update, it is a little bit difficult. Because you will need to create an account for the Iqama validity check.

It is important for all of us to keep checking the validity of our Iqama ID. It is because there are then penalties we should if it is expired and renewed on time. The new Absher doesn’t allow anyone to check if the IQama is expired or not. Because you will need to register first. After that, you can do so.

However, there is only one new method to follow in order to check iqama validity with or without Absher. So let’s get to the procedure.

Check Iqama Expiry Date Without Absher

We have some good news for you. Now you don’t need to create or register on Absher to check if your iqama is expiring soon or not. Because MOL (Ministry of Labor) allows users to register and get benefits from their MOL account. The trick is you don’t need to register but only follow the registration procedure to check the validity of your Iqama ID. Just follow me:

  1. All you need is to go to the MOL using this link.
  2. Click English at the top left because the web portal is in Arabic and you may don’t understand the language properly.
  3. Once the page reloads in English, remember you don’t need to make an account it is just for checking and knowing your iqama validity.
  4. Enter your iqama number then your Date of Birth.
  5. Click Next and you will see your iqama expiry date there (see the reference image below).
  6. Just close the MOL.
Check iqama expiry date Create account
Go to Menu
Check iqama expiry date without Absher
Check iqama expiry date Create account
Check iqama expiry date Create account
Enter the info then click Next
Check iqama expiry date Create account
Your iqama validity date here

So this is exactly how you can follow the above steps and know your iqama validity. Once you see the expiration date then close the site and you don’t need to proceed with further registration. That is it, for more info keep visiting our blog.

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