How to Check Iqama Issue Date Online – KSA

It is better to know your iqama issue date while living in the Kingdom. Do you know why? Because at some point you may need it, and there are tons of reasons behind it. For instance, suppose you are applying for a family visit visa, you should provide it.

Whenever you a new Iqama ID from the Saudi Jawazat, you may notice that there is no issue date on it. However, there are several ways you can find it out. But trust me it’s important to know and note it down. Note that the iqama issuance data is different than the Muqeem expiry date.

How to Find Iqama Issue Date

While living in the Kingdom you must know that the new Absher requires login data, so you should have an account registered and activated. Now follow these steps:

  1. Visit Absher and log in to your personal account with your username and password. Click English at the top if you don’t understand the Arabic language.
  2. Click Dashboard at the top right.
  3. Under your personal information click More Details.
  4. There you are, your iqama issue date is under IQAMA INFORMATION.
  5. You can note it down in your personal diary for future use.
How to find Iqama Issue Date in KSA
How to find Iqama Issue Date in KSA

Update: Find Iqama Issue Date via Absher

The above method is old. Therefore, it is important to follow the below-updated procedure to find your Iqama issue date. Here are the easy steps:

  1. Login to your Absher account and click Services under the My Services option.
  2. Click Passports then click Personal Information.
  3. There you go, have a look at your Iqama issue date.
Alternative way to find out Iqama issue date in KSA
An alternative way to find out the Iqama issue date in KSA

Follow any of the above methods to get it done in seconds. However, this is to inform you that don’t even try to look for a solution for looking at the issuance date through other channels and without having an Absher account. Because it is not possible. Moreover, you can comment below if you are having trouble finding out the issue date exact date of your Muqeem card.

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