Iqama Color Check Red Green Yellow Platinum 2023

Check your iqama color red green yellow and platinum online. MOL (Ministry of Labor) allows expatriates and Saudi citizens to check their iqama color red, green, yellow, and platinum status. For your information, the Nitaqat was introduced by the MOL in Saudi Arabia last in mid-2011.

The Nitaqt program divides companies in KSA into four different categories. These categories are actually the four colors. That is what you are going to check today. So let’s get to the MOI check red green 2023.

Iqama Color Red, Green, Yellow Platinum Means

Nitaqat or iqama color red means that a company has the lowest number of Saudis. A company with a yellow color has also the lowest number of Saudis. Green and Platinum colors identify a company that has a good number of Saudization (Saudis).

Check Iqama Color

  1. Go to MOL وزارة العمل.
  2. Enter the iqama, border, and passport number.
  3. Select your Nationality as Indian, Pakistani Philippines, etc.
  4. Enter the image code.
  5. Click the Research button.

Check Iqama Red Green and Platinum Status on MOL


Query iqama color MOL red green
Query iqama color MOL red green

Ensure that the iqama number and image captcha code are entered correctly. otherwise, you might see somebody else Nitaqat company colors. double-check everything a click the view button to display the result iqama color status red-green of a Kafeel/sponsor or company.

Keep in mind that the MOL website is in Arabic so follow the steps as shown to avoid issues while displaying the result for MOI check red green.

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