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Hello and welcome to Expatsa privacy policy page. is a website where we publish contents on different countries topics. Such as Iqama and Saudi updates and much more. Here at Expatsa, accessible from, this of our top priorities to take care of your personal info and sensitive data, such as your email address, first and last name, etc.

The below-written points contain all type (site) of information recorded in Expatsa, also how we use the data and information we collect. Let’s be straight with you, other than below and above, if you there still something going on in your mind feel to let us know about it, all you need is fill this contact form.

Al the visitors to our blog, new, existing, direct, from an email subscription, from social sites such as Facebook and other social media sites. They and their data, for example where they come from, their email address if they comment, and much more is completely and safe and private. Because each and every single page for our blog is safe with a valid and authentic SSL certificate. Find the below good norms about Expatsa in such a simple and transparent way.

  • Expatsa is only collect your email, name and etc when you write a comment on your our blog.
  • Other than that no such data will be collected.
  • Expatsa will only collect or store those email when you put it on our email subscription list, (if
  • implemented on this blog), other than that we don’t.
  • For your information, not every single day or every month, but once in a year or two, we may ask
  • our visitor to complete a short survey (only for making our site better for our visitors).
  • Expatsa never collect such like your credit or debit card etc.
  • We are serving all of our visitors safely because of SSL encryption on every page of our website.
  • Moreover, there no guaranty about the post or content on our blog are 100% accurate and always
  • will be.
  • Our only concern is to provide our visitors with better and useful information as good as we can.


Hereby visiting our blog, information available in its posts and other data, you are consent to our privacy policy and agree to Expatsa’s terms.

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