Check Iqama Fine on Iqama Expiry & Traffic Violations KSA

Learn how to check your iqama fine for any reason, either iqama expiry or traffic violations. There are two types of fines in Saudi Arabia on a Muqeem/Iqama. This is normal in KSA that sometimes you do some traffic violations. Thus Saher cameras auto-detect the number plate and issue a penalty.

Alternatively, there might be a reason Kafeel or the company is not able to renew your Iqama. So there is a newly updated list of fees in 2019, 2020, 2021, 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024which you may want to know about.

Now that you know about all the reasons for penalties. But the question is how you can check any of these fines against your Iqama number. So, that is where MOI services come in. MOI (Ministry of Interior) allows people either expatriates or Saudis to check traffic or iqama expiry fines online. And here I am going to show you the complete procedure for that. So let’s check it out.

How to Check Fines on Iqama Expiry Online

Anyone living in Saud Arabia should instantly check their Muqeem card expiry date. Because of their penalties if you are living with an expired Muqeem card. First, you will need to check if your Iqama is expired or not, and if it is expired and your company doesn’t renew it within three working days. then the fine is SAR. 500.

However, the fee will be doubled to SAR 1000 after three days of its expiry date. However, you can track online if your company is going to renew it or not. To check the fee structure and its the fee is paid or not visit here.

How to Check Iqama Fine on Traffic Violations Online

Previously I explained how you can check traffic violations in Saudi Arabia online on MOI. There is an update on the violation fees as well by the Saudi government. But anyhow, here I will guide you on how to query the iqama traffic violation fine.

First, visit or go to the MOI (Absher) official site. Now put your ‘Iqama number’ in the first box and CAPTCHA ‘image code’ in the second box then click the ‘view’ button. The MOI official query page will reload, and immediately you will the results. You will see if there are any violations/fines against your or your iqama number.

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