Check Iqama Fund, Public Query Available Funds – 2023

Iqama fund is very important to everyone and it’s easy to check it online. You can also withdraw the available funds to a bank account you want. Nowadays it is a little bit difficult for some Expats to query through Absher or MOI.

This is because MOI is now officially and it needs you to register first to make a query. So everyone needs to register a new Absher account first and they will be able to check their iqama fund online.

For your information, an iqama fund is an amount/fee you or Kafeel have paid to MOI. The reason might be a visa, driving license, iqama renewal, etc. Once the fee is paid and it is not available online it means your service renewal etc is completed.

But if it is not paid then it means you need to withdraw these funds after 2 or 3 months and add them again. Anyway, here I will show to check iqama funds online on the new Absher online portal.

Public Query Iqama Available Funds

MOI (Ministry of Interior) allows us to keep tracking and checking the funds we’ve added to MOI. For your information, there are two different methods to do it:

  • MOI Absher Web Online Portal
  • MOI Official Mobile Application

Check Iqama Fund via Absher Online

This is one of my favorite methods when I am about to check my iqama fund online. Please follow the below steps;

  1. Visit and click on Individuals.
  2. Click Egnlish in the top left corner then log in to your Absher account.Visit Absher then click on Individuals then Login
  3. Click Public Query Available Funds in your Dashboard (see the reference screenshot for details).Click public query available funds
  4. Now enter the Identity Number means your Iqama number then the Image Code.
  5. Click the View button and wait for the page to reload, and you will the Total Available Funds (if any).Enter iqama number and image code to check funds
  6. You can Print the Preview and keep the photocopy with you for future use.Your iqama available funds

Don’t worry you will see all the details such as the Sponsor deposit, labor, passport, driver’s license, and vehicle deposit, and also the total available funds. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about if there are all the figures there as Zeros. You need to be happy instead because it means your transaction has been completed successfully.

Check Iqama Funds via Absher Official Mobile Application

Do you know that there is an application called Absher? The Absher app is an official MOI and is available on both Google Play Store and iOS App Store to download and install. The app allows querying iqama available funds while on the go right from the phone. To do that, please follow the below steps:

First, download and install the Absher official app for Android or iOS. Ta[p the Login button. Now tap E-Services then Available Funds. Enter your Iqama ID number. Tap the Enquire button. You will see information and available funds if there are any.

Absher app for iqama fund check
Absher app for iqama fund check

FAQs on Public Query Available Funds

What if I am a new expatriate in KSA and want to check my iqama fund, can I check these funds against my iqama? Yes definitely you can do it but with the border number until your Muqeem or Iqama card is not issued.

After how long my deposit will be available on MOI Absher? The total it may take is just 15 minutes but sometimes it may take a bit longer. However, in some cases, it may just take 2 or 3 minutes.

Should I login to the MOI Asbhwer app also to query my fund? Yes, you should, it was easy to download and install the app to make your query. But now you must log in and then query.

Can I check the Iqama fund without having an Absher MOI account? Yes, you can, but you will need to find someone to ask your friends for this for you.

Is the Absher updated as MOI is now redirected to Yes, the application is fully updated and available on both the Google Play Store and the iOS app store.

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  1. Muneeb Arif says

    I am unable to pay iqama fee for my wife

    I paid through bank ALien Control —- Associate fee for specific associate

    can you please help me my number 0530061060

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