2600 Fake Iqama Captured in Makkah – KSA

In Saudi Arabia, the Makkah police captured more than 2600 fake iqama ID cards. These Iqama copies have made a person in a residential location in Saudi Arabia. The police are investigating further if they can catch more than 2600 fake Iqama Id cards.

Fake Iqamas Captured in Makkah

Previously in Saudi Arabia, there were new that there are strict restrictions and strict law implementation against fake Iqama Id holders. I don’t know why people are still doing this violation.

Such Iqama violation in Saudi Arabia can cause you much trouble including huge fines and jail. It is being said that the fake Iqama Id holder is about to pay more than 25000 SAR. Also, they will have to stay in jail for more than 1 year.

The number 2600 is including fake Saudi Iqama Id cards, driving license, health insurance cards, etc. But as per the police, most of these cards are fake resident permits. After investigating the police mentioned that there are two-person behind this, one is an Indian and the other Somalian.

Furthermore, there is no update on what is punishment, violation fees, etc. As far as we know, the Jawazat will investigate them and may send them back to their home countries. However, they may also some period of jail.

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