You can Renew Visa Upon Iqama Expiry in KSA

Recently Saudi Jawazat responds to a tweet on Twitter. In the tweet on Twitter, users have asked Jawazat a question. That question is Does the Iqama expiry stops visa renewal? Thanks to Jawazat for responding as there was No. They replied with a response that it never prevents the visa extension or renewal upon the Iqama expiry of an expatriate.

Can I Renew Visa Upon Iqama Expiry?

So this now clarified in Saudi Arabia. That it doesn’t matter if you are applying for the visa renewal with an expired Iqama ID. But you can not do anything without your Iqama ID. So this is very important to renew your IQama on time. This will avoid some extra penalties and other expenses. Our suggestion is to never go for a fake Iqama, as they can take you the jail and deport you from the country. So is mandatory for everyone to renew their Iqama ID on time and avoid such things.

Thus, on the other hand, Saudi Jawazat has also mentioned that a person would need to provide a legal document including the validity of the visa and identity, and all the documents should be approved by the authorities. Moreover, you cannot renew your visa o without such documents. However, to avoid such things just renew your IQama on time and apply for the visa renewal without any worries.

Once you have everything ready you can go ahead and visit MOI Abshwer which is the official portal for everything for Iqama renewal etc. If you don’t have an active account create one first then activate it via any ATM machine or KIOSK. Moreover, if you are having any issue while renewing your Visa or Iqama ID in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Then let me know in the comment below, and I will try my best to find the solution for you.

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