Iqama & Exit Re-Entry Visa Automatic Extension by MOI

As per the new royal orders, Saudi Jawazat is going to extend Iqama for those expatriates who are outside of Saudi Arabia. The news has been updated in Saudi Expatriates’ official blog as of the new Jawazat notice.

Iqama & Exit Re-Entry Visa Automatic Extension

Jawazat won’t change anyone who is Iqama is expired and have an Exit Re-Entry visa. These two things will be automatically renewed by Jawazat without any charges. I mean completely free of charge Iqama extension and visa renewal. Here is how to check if your Iqama ID expiry date is updated on Absher as well as your Saudi Visa. This is for those expatriates who are abroad for three months.

Jawazat will soon contact the National information center for further action. The Ministry of Interior, I mean Saudi Jawazat will contact the NIC for the Expats Iqama extension without applying for its renewal.

In the great Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Jawazat has issued several pieces of information and updates. These include categories of fees and fines on Iqamas with valid Iqama but not expired. However, they cannot get back to the Kingdom without having a valid Iqama ID card.

Not just Iqama but the valid visa as well said Saudi Jawazat. This is for those expatriates who have come across visit visas in Saudi Arabia. They may not leave the Kingdom without having these valid things, first is Iqama ID and the second one is a valid visa.

It does not matter if a person is holding a visit visa or work visa, but may not leave the Kingdom with the expiry of these important documents.

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