Workers (Employee) Rights in Saudi Labor Law

Explanation on employer responsibilities and employees rights in Saudi Arabia

Today we are gonna talk about the employer or sponsor responsibilities and employee or worker rights in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. First of all, let’s talk about the contract. Then employer respbilit9es and after that workers or employee’s rights. Let’s get started…

Employment Contract Term in KSA

The contract term is agreement is a written form of the work right and sponsor or Kafeel responsibilities. These terms of the contract should be definite specific terms and should be readable as per Article 37 in the great Saudi Law of Labor. Let’s say if the term is not specified in the contract then the Iqama expiry date will the same as of contract term.

In the contract, everything is explained both these parties must have a photo state and its original copy. If the sponsor is doing something to the work like, not paying on time and similar things. Then the worker can get to the court and file a case against his sponsor or employer.

Kafeel or Sponsor Responsibilities and Worker Rights

As per the Saudi Labor Law (Article 40), the followings are the responsibilities of Kafeel or sponsor on a worker (expatriate worker). Here are the details:

  1. The sponsor, Kafeel, or employer is the one responsible for the recruitment expense of the worker into the great Saudi Kingdom.
  2. The cost or expenses on the Iqama is the responsibility of the Kafeel.
  3. Iqama renewal cost is also on the Kafeel and it’s his duty to renew it on time. If not there are fines and penalties he should pay.
  4. Change of Mehna or occupation is the responsibility of the Kafeel or sponsor.
  5. In case of the worker is not suitable for the work and wanna get back to his home country without a specific reason. Then he is responsible for the ticket expenses.
  6. If a worker needs a transfer, Kafeel is the responsible person for the expenses.
  7. Its the employer’s duty to prepare and send the body of the worker in case of the deceased with the approval of his family.

So the above are all everything in terms of employee rights and employer responsibility. However, if there is still something you wanna, feel free to comment below. ExpatSA will be glad to help you out with your desired query.

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