9 Expats Arrested for Illegal Money Transfer from KSA

In Riyadh city of the great Kindom Saudi Arabia. The Police also knowns as Shurta has arrested 9 Expatriates who were transferring money from the Kingdom illegally. This new was recently in Saudi dash Expatriates and SPA Saudi Press Agency.

For your information, these citizens belong to Syria, Egypt, Yemen, and Pakistan. However, 3 of them are from Syria and 3 are Egyptians. Thus 1 of them is Yemeni and 1 is Pakistani. Also, there is one Turkish person too. All these Expatriates are young and their ages are between 30 and 50.

It’s not just about these nine expatriates but there are thousands of them doing so. However, in the last month, there was a group arrested by the police in Saudi Arabia for transferrin over 1 million illegally. Thus authorities seize more up to 1 million illegal money transfers from the Kingdom.

The main reason behind reporting this news to you guys is to stop another person you know who is transferring money from KSA illegal. If they get arrested then there are huge penalties, fines, and they may get him our the country as well. So it is important to do such activities while living as an Expats in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Each person in the Kingdom must have a valid bank account. While transferring their salaries, they must provide a valid reason. Thus following such procedure will lead them to have a great and easy life in the Kingdom. But doing those illegal things, their lives are now worst than ever. So keep that in mind before taking a step for such activities.

Even if there is someone in your friends, just share this news with them. Tell them that there will be on the day they will be in jail too. Ask them humbly to stop doing so and going for such weird Haram activities.

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