Who is Kafeel How to Check His Details

Every new Expat may want to know that who is Kafeel or sponsor and what is the name of his/her sponsor. I am going to explain everything in here for who is Kafeel or your sponsor, and what he/she may capable of. As an expatriate, you must know everything about your company, Mosasa, or Kafil.

Who is Kafeel and what are the responsibilities of a Kafeel?

The word Kafeel is an Arabic word that means a responsible person in Suadi Arabia. He is actually your sponsor, that is all you need to know.

Your sponsor has a lot of responsibilities and authority. Alternatively, your sponsor might be a company, Mosasa, or institute as well. The following are the major responsibilities every Kafil has.

  • A Kafil can Issue, and update an employment visa for anyone who wants to work or visit Saudi Arabia.
  • Can issue an Iqama ID which is also known as the residence permit for all Expats in KSA.
  • Responsible for your Iqama renewal as well, if it is going to expire.
  • Can also issue an exit re-entry visa when you decide to get home for vacation etc.
  • He is also the responsible person for providing your salaries and end of services etc.

How to Check Kafeel Name on Iqama

So now that you know who is the Kafil, it is time to know more about him/her/company. You might be curious to know your sponsor/company name/Mosasa name. Well, you are lucky to be here, I am gonna show you that, how to know/check your Kafeel name.

  1. Pickup your Iqama ID card
  2. Look at the front side of the Iqama
  3. Now look at the very bottom line (last line on your Iqama)
  4. There is an Arabic word “Sahib-e-Amal” (refer to the image below)
  5. Next to that word is your sponsor’s name.
Here is your Kafeel Name
Here is your Kafeel Name

So that is how easily you can find out or check your Kafeel name on your Iqama Id card. There is another method, but this is one of the easiest ones. Feel free to ask any information regarding the above topics below in the comments.

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