MOH and Umrah Plans to Start Preps of Umrah

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has announced to start plans for the Umrah season in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It’s all related to the next Umrah season. So they have recently completed the Hajj season, as the health protocol approved by the Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Hussein Al Sharif said the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah will start working on the hajj and umrah preps as they have learned from the previous pilgrimage this year in 2020. So they will be well prepared with the approved protocol from the Health Ministry for the next Umrah season.

The Minister of Hajj and Umrah said the pilgrims (people who performed Hajj) will be received from the Hajj areas and will be deported shortly who wish to travel by air. So this is how the authority will the rules and ensure the pilgrim’s health and safety.

Thanks to the government for taking such actions. This is all to take care of the national and international during the Hajj and Umrah while having the pandemic in the country. As it started disappearing from the country the situation will go back to norms.

So next year, they will allow everyone to perform Umrah and Hajj as per what they have learned from the Year Hajj season in 2020. We all need to pray to Allah to stop this pandemic from our world from countries. Read more: Saudi Recovered 108K Plus Corona Cases in KSA.

That is the only hope right now, but on the hand, Saudi Arabia has recovered more than 90% coronavirus patients in the Kingdom. As their hospital are well managed and fully resourceful with each everything, that is why they are on number top 10 in the world in terms of hospitals.

The authority will make sure the take care of the protocols approved by the Ministry of health. So this all as per the precautionary measures and to take care of the public, nationals, and international safety. Thanks to the perfect government of Saudi Arabia.

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