Saudi Aramco Fuel Price Increases from August 2020

According to Saudi Aramco, they are will be updating fuel prices every 10th of the month. However, this time they have announced the new fuel prices in KSA in effect from August 10th. Moreover, the price effect for the files in KSA will last until the 10th of September. However, they are gonna update the new price each 10th of the next month.

New Saudi Aramco Fuel Prices August 2020

As per Saudi Aramco, the new updated prices of the fuel in KSA are:

  • The earlier rate of Gasoline 91 was SAR 1.29 per liter, the new price is SAR 1.43.
  • The new price of Gasoline 95 is SAR 1.60, the old was SAR 1.44 per liter.
  • For Diesel the new price is 0.52 SAR per liter, the old rate was SR 0.52.
  • Moreover, the Kerosene price was SAR 0.70 and the new price is the same as the SAR 0.70.
  • LPG’s new price is 0.75 SR per liter, and old was the also SR 0.75.

Keep in mind that, as per Saudi Aramco, the Gasoline price are about change as they notice the change in the export from the international market in the Kingdom. However, the price may fluctuate due to the changes in the export.

Well, this change takes place as per government orders, I mean the price adjustment, etc. As they approved energy and water products mentioned by Saudi Aramco company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Read more: Workers’ Rights in Saudi Labor Law.

Now as soon as well notice any changes in the next price update, we will post in the blog. So you need re-check the new price list next month on the 10th date.

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