How to Register on Qiwa Online Portal KSA

Qiwa is an online web portal launched by The Ministry of Human Resource and Social Development back in 2019. This is an online platform for the labor sector in KSA. The platform is designed to benefit laborers working in Saudi Arabia from over 85 different online services. However, everyone is invited to register on Qiwa. Moreover, you must have an active Absher account to register on the portal online.

How to Register on Qiwa Portal Online

The procedure to register on Qiwa portal online is easy. But you must have an active Absher account in order to proceed. Anyways, here is how to register yourself on Qiwa online portal in KSA:

First, visit the and click the Register option. Now enter your Iqama number. Then select your birthday, month, and year. Now click the Verify My Information button. Enter the verification code you have received from Absher and click Next. Enter your email, password and confirm your new password then click Next. That is it, now you have the “Welcome to Qiwa” screen. Go ahead and log in to your account as usual. Here is a video guide and screenshots for your ease.

How to Register on Qiwa Portal Online
How to Register on Qiwa Portal Online

Now you can benefit from all the services listed below in the Qiwa platform. The portal is easy to use and there are tons of support articles, in case you need any. So, have a look at the below list of services Qiwa is recently providing to everyone who is registered on the platform:

List of Qiwa Services in KSA

If you have recently joined Qiwa and wanna know the services of the platform. This section of the article will clear everything up for you. Here is the complete list of services Qiwa in KSA is providing:

  • You can individual profile.
  • Visa insurance services.
  • You can read updated Labor Policies.
  • Saudization Certificate.
  • Temporary work visa.
  • Employee transfer service and occupation change. You can read more about their service over here.

So this is it guys, this is all about the Qiwa registration process and to let you know the available services on the platform. If you have any queries or have any issues while registering on the platform then let me know in the comment section below.

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