Zain KSA Let You Customize Shabab Packages

When you are a Zain customer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, you never change your network because, Zain has various packages for your internet, calls, social, and international calling needs. Oh, and how do I forget about their Shabab plans? The best thing is, that you can customize and get a Shabab package as per your needs from now on. Let me show you how to do it.

Zain Shabab Plans with Customization

Shabab plans customization means, you can choose a desired amount of internet data, SMS, and calls, check the price and if you like, activate the package. Here is the process:

Visit the Shabab Build Your Plan page, select internet data, social media data, calls, and SMS, check its price, and click Next. Select a desired duration, 1 month, 3 months, 6, and 12 months. to activate the package. Select SIM or eSIM and click Next. Follow the instructions and pay the amount for the package.

Zain Shabab Plans with Customization

Once the package is activated, you will receive a response message from Zain with the package overview. However, when the package is active, you can cancel it but there is no way to get a refund. So, keep that in mind before plan activation.

For your information, there are lots of such packs, 59, 99, etc. So, users have complications when choosing the right package for their needs. That is why, Zain KSA has launched the Buil Your Plan tool to get resources as per your needs and get a package right away.

The same feature is also available in the latest Zain KSA application for prepaid and postpaid users in the Kingdom. The app has other features as well, for example, sharing balance, checking balance and internet data, and more. So, you won’t need to remember any activation code to do so. For more info, call 959 or comment below.

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