Haramain Train Ticket Prices and Booking Online

Haramain Train in Saudi Arabia is a fantastic facility for Expatriates and Saudi citizens. It is the fastest way to travel between Makkah, Madinah, and Jeddah. Even you can get the high-speed train facility from KAIA Airport (King Abdul Aziz International Airport), and KAEC (King Abdullah Economic City). Simply get an affordable ticket for the economy or business class as you like and enjoy the fastest transportation ever in the Kingdom.

Today, I will show you all Haramain high-speed train prices, routes, online booking, ticket modifications, cancellation fees, and some special discounts. So, let’s get started…

Haramain Train Ticket Prices

There are various stations. Travel from Jeddah, Riyadh, KAIA, and KAEC to Makkah, and Madinah stations at affordable prices ever. You can have an economy or business class ticket of your choice. I mean for Umrah and Hajj. Moreover, the actual price may vary depending on the location and date you choose. Anyway, let me show you the price comparison for all these major cities.

Train Ticket Prices from Makkah

Routes Economy Class Business Class
Makkah to Madinah 150.00 SAR 315.00 SAR
Makkah to Jeddah 40.00 SAR 70.00 SAR
Makkah to KAIA 60.00 SAR 95.00 SAR
Makkah to KAEC 85.00 SAR 175.00 SAR


Train Ticket Prices from Madinah

Routes Economy Class Business Class
Madinah to Makkah 150.00 SAR 315.00 SAR
Madinah to Jeddah 125.00 SAR 275.00 SAR
Madinah to KAEC 100.00 SAR 215.00 SAR
Madinah to KAIA 120.00 SAR 265.00 SAR

Train Ticket Prices from Jeddah

Routes Economy Class Business Class
Jeddah to Makkah 40.00 SAR 70.00 SAR
Jeddah to Madinah 125.00 SAR 315.00 SAR
Jeddah to KAEC 50.00 SAR 85.00 SAR
Jeddah to KAIA 20.00 SAR 45.00 SAR


Train Ticket Prices from King Abdul Aziz International Airport

Routes Economy Class Business Class
KAIA to Makkah 60.00 SAR 95.00 SAR
KAIA to Madinah 120.00 SAR 265.00 SAR
KAIA to KAEC 50.00 SAR 85.00 SAR
KAIA to Jeddah 20.00 SAR 45.00 SAR


Train Ticket Prices from King Abdullah Economic City

Routes Economy Class Business Class
KAEC to Makkah 85.00 SAR 175.00 SAR
KAEC to Madinah 100.00 SAR 215.00 SAR
KAEC to KAIA 50.00 SAR 85.00 SAR
KAEC to Jeddah 50.00 SAR 85.00 SAR


Book Haramain Train Ticket Online

You can visit the official Haramain High-Speed Railway website and book your ticket online within a minute. The process is easy, here is how to do it step by step:

Visit the Haramain Train website. Select your way From and To. Select the date, month, and year. Select seats. Click the Search button.

On the next page, enter your personal information, and contact information, and click the Pay button. Now on the next screen complete the payment. That is it, you are good to go.

How to Get Your Ticket After Payment?

Once you complete the payment for your desired ticket. You will immediately receive an SMS alert on your mobile number with ticket number and details. Also an email with an E-Ticket attachment.

Keep the SMS for your record or just in case you may change your mind to cancel or change your ticket.

Haramain Train Timings

The timings of the Train varies from day to day and time to time. However, you can get the latest timing updates on the official HHR website for your information for the desired date and time, and location.

How to Check Train Timings:

Simply go to the HHR timetable page, select From and To, then a date. Click the Search button, You will instantly get the latest timing updates for that schedule.

How to Change or Refund Your Train Ticket

Go to Haramain Train Website again. Click Manage Booking. Now enter your booking code. Enter your phone number. Click the Search Now button. Manage your ticket or get a refund, the choice is yours.

Ticket Change Fee

There is no problem if you have an economy or business class ticket and you want to change the time and date. You can also downgrade your business to economy anytime. Even you can change the arrival station of your choice online on the Haramain Train Website. However, the fee varies from time to time, here are the details:

  • Free up to 7 days prior to departure.
  • 10% fee on 7 days to 24 hours.
  • 20% fee on 24 hours to hours.
  • 50% of the ticket fee is charged for 2 hours to 1 hour.
  • 100% for less than 1 hour prior to departure.

Update: For your information, the same fee applied for Private Cabin Booking.

Ticket Cancellation Fee

Change of mind is possible when you want to cancel your business or economy class ticket. You can do so online on the Haramain Train Official Website from the Manage Booking section. You can also call 8001262000 to cancel your ticket and get a refund. However, the following charges are applied:

  • 10% of the ticket fee charged up to 7 days prior to departure.
  • 50% fee from 7 days to 24 hours.
  • 100% fee for less than 24 hours (No refund).

Keep in mind that, the original form of payment will be used to get your refund. If you have paid the ticket fee via bank transfer, you will get a refund via bank transfer for the same account. Similar to payment methods. Cash payments will be refunded in cash only.

Moreover, note that bank transfers may take up to 28 days from the time you requested the refund. Holidays and non-business days are not included.

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