Saudi National Address Registration Procedure [2023]

As per the Saudi Government, your national address is your Identity. So, each and every company will ask you to complete registration for your home, apartment, and villa to enjoy living in the Kingdom. I mean all government institutes and banks NCB, Al-Rajhi, and others need your national address to get you their services from 2021-2023. So, it is a mandatory procedure you need to complete.

Don’t know how to do it? No need to worry, here I am going to explain the step-by-step procedure to complete national address registration without any hassles. So, let’s get to the requirements first…

Requirements for Nation Address Registration

These are four (4) major requirements before you proceed to the steps to register your home, apartment, villa, or duplex address on Saudi Post. Here is a list of requirements:

  • Valid Iqama ID.
  • A valid mobile number is registered on your Iqama.
  • Create your account on SPL | Saudi Post.
  • Register your National Address on SPL.

Step 1: Create Your Account on SPL (Saudi Post)

Visit SPL official portal and click the Register button. Now Selec “Individual” and click Continue.

1 - How to create account on SPL Saudi Post

Enter your Iqama ID, then your Birthday, and click the Continue button.

2 - How to create account on SPL Saudi Post

Now Add your Personal Information, your mobile number, and email address, enter a username, password and confirm the password, agree to their terms then click Sign up.

3 - How to create account on SPL Saudi Post

Now you will receive a verification code (OTP) on your phone number. Enter that code in the box to confirm and click Continue.

4 - How to create account on SPL Saudi Post

That is it, you have successfully registered on the SPL official web portal for National Address Registration. You can register your address now. Please have a look at the following easy step to do so.

Step 2: National Address Registration Procedure

Now login to your SPL account. Go to Menu and select National Address and tap Register Now. Select your location, and tap Next.

1 - Saudi National Address Registration Procedure

Select the Accommodation type as Apartment, Duplex, or Villa. Choose if it is your “Own or Rent” in the Property type. Select a period of stay as “Permanent or Temporary”. Now click the “Review and Confirm” button.

2 - Saudi National Address Registration Procedure

Once you review that everything is correct e.g your address, postal code, etc. Then click the Agree to Privacy Policy box and finally click the Complete Registration button to finish the process.

3 - Saudi National Address Registration Procedure

That is it, you have successfully registered your national address on SPL (Saudi Post). When someone asks for your national address, tell them to confirm it using your National IQama ID number. Remember only the Banks and Government Institutions may do so.

How to Update Mobile Number on SPL

You can change or update your phone number on Saudi National Address (SPL) online. Please follow these steps:

  1. Login to your account, and select English at the top.
  2. Now click the drop-down arrow at the top.
  3. Click Update Personal Information.
  4. Scroll down and tap the Update button.
  5. Tap your phone number and delete it, then add a new one.
  6. Click Update, you’ll get an OTP, enter to confirm changes.

How to Update Mobile Number on SPL

That is it, this is exactly how you can change or update your phone number linked to your SPL account. The update the Address detail, please follow this guide.

How to Print Saudi National Address

If you need proof, a screenshot or a PDF of your Saudi National Address. You need to print it, please these steps to print:

  1. Login to your SPL account.
  2. Tap the Menu (three lines at the top left).
  3. Select National Address.
  4. Scroll down and tap “See Proof of Your National Address”.
  5. Tap Menu at the top right in your browser, then click the “Print” option.
  6. Save it on your device.

How to Print Your Saudi National Address

Note: You can also use the Nafath app for quick login on the SPL. Now that have proof, a copy of your national address. If someone asks for it, just show it over there and you will get things done quickly. If you need any help or more information, let me know in the comments below.

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