Transfer of the Expatriates without Kafeel Approval

You can get a transfer without your Kafeel approval in these 3 cases

There are actually three conditions when a person can get a transfer from one Kafeel to another in KSA. Recently The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development announced 3 new cases. These are an employer that can transfer a worker in the below three conditions.

1 – If the employer is not paying the monthly salary and terms of benefits to the worker. Let’s say you are working in the company and you are not getting any wages or salary on time for three months. Then you can be transferred from that company to another one without your current company employer. Remember this is only if you don’t get your salary for three months.

2 – If a worker has a license and residence permit and these two are expired. In such a case, you can transfer without your current Kafeel approval. For example, you are a driver and they are not renewing your Iqama or agreement. Then it’s the right time for you to get a transfer or Nakal Kafala, Naqal Kafala.

3 – If you can prove that your current sponsor is harming you. Then you can appeal your transfer without his approval. Let’s say, your Kafeel is not good with you, and there is no reason he fills a Huroob against you. Then you think you have the proof that proved him wrong. Then you can apply for transfer without his approval.

Now if you think your current case is one of the above and you wanna get a transfer, then you can do it. However, you don’t need any approval from your current employer, thanks to the great Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. All you have to do is to visit Maktab E Amal or Jawazat near you and explain everything. That is the safe way to get a transfer from one Kafeel or another.

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