Saudi Labor Law Amendments Latest 2023

MLSD Suleiman Al-Rajhi is the Minister for Labor and Social Development. The MLSD in Saudi Arabia added a few numbers changes/amendments in 2023 in the labor law. This report was last published on Saudi Gazzet’s official website.

These new amendments are great for workers and expatriates. But not for employers in Saudi Arabia. The new regulation is to not hold Iqama, passport, and related documents from the workers. However, a company, Mosasa or Kafeel cannot keep their workers Iqama with them.

List of Latest Amendments in Saudi Labor Law 2023

The new changes in the labor law are:

  • Workers should not harm each other. If they do, they will lose their end-of-service benefits and more.
  • All workers should work friendly and don’t speak bad words etc, to each other. If reported, then they will lose their end of service and related benefits from the company.
  • No verbal or physical harm should happen to managers and top-level management. If any they will be suspended and no extra benefits will be provided.
  • Both labor and management should fix every issue among them within 10 days of the grace period. If not, there are penalties both of them should pay.
  • If any serious reported against workers, they must be suspended right away.

So above are all the major updates and amendments in the new Saudi labor in 2023. For more information, you can visit our website anytime. Related Updates: New Iqama Fees Check 2019 and 2020 the Updated List.

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