How to Check Iqama Huroob Online | 2021

This is something you should be aware of while living in the KSA. You must admit living under your sponsor or company. They must be happy with whatever work you are doing for them. If not they must submit an Huroob application to Jawazat.

There are two methods to check it. The 1st method is to check iqama Huroob via the MOL (Ministry of Labor) website. It is the government of Saudi Arabia’s official website for such queries.

The 2nd method is to check the iqama Huroob or Haroof via the MOI (Ministry of Interior) website. Which is also a government of Saudi Arabia official website for iqama-related queries like checking Iqama expiry date and so on. Before going to check Huroob online via MOL or MOI, Let me tell you that what is Huroob and how to remove or get rid of it? OK let’s get started:

What is Iqama Huroob?

Huroob is an Arabic word that means labor/worker absent from work or runs away without informing the company/sponsor. It is the most dangerous word for those expatriates who work outside of the company in Saudi Arabia without informing them. That could be any reason. So it clearly means that you may run away and your employer filed an Huroob again you in Jawazat.

Most expatriates living in Saudi Arabia are working illegally, and they pay Arabic people to be under their sponsorship. However, they don’t know they are making a huge mistake. Let me tell you why.

Huroob is one the most dangerous act against you from a Kafeel, a sponsor, or a company which describes to the Government of KSA Jawazat that you’re a bad expatriate/employee and you ran away.

And now you are not working under him/company and you are absent without informing the sponsor, Kafeel, or your company. Thus you are not a legal expatriate anymore and you are under Huroob and you are a criminal now.

Jawazat people can catch you anytime anywhere in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. You will be arrested and banned for 5 years so that you cannot come to KSA again, Yes you can come back but after 5 years. Below are the best two methods for Saudi Jawazat to check Huroob status or date via MOI-gov-sa websites.

Check Iqama Huroob on MOL:

  1. Click this link to go MOL official website for checking Huroob.
  2. Enter your Iqama/Muqeem number, (see the below screen screenshot).
  3. Now hit the “Behis” button on mobile or press Enter to display the result.
  4. If you see the below message then it means you’re under Huroob, if not then you are not.

Check Iqama Huroob MOL

Check Iqama Huroob on MOI:

  1. Click this link to go MOI official site for checking Huroob status online.
  2. Enter your Iqama/Muqeem Card ID number (see the below screen screenshot).
  3. Enter the image (reCAPTCHA) code in the box.
  4. Now click the “View” button, on mobile or press Enter to display the result.
  5. If you see the below message then it means you’re under Huroob, if not then you are not.

Check Iqama Huroob MOI

Are you not working under Kafeel or a sponsor?  learn how to check iqama Huroob status online in Saudi Arabia in 2019. It may happen sometimes you don’t want to work under your Kafeel. In that case, your sponsor may set the Haroof/Huroof again your iqama number.


What happens when Jawazat arrests you with Huroob?

it doesn’t matter if you check iqama Huroob or not. However, if the police or people from Jawazat catch you. Because they will be searching for you until you get caught. So when they get you, they will send you directly to the detention center. And remember they won’t hear anything from you.

You will be there for a couple of days in the detention center, then they will take you to the airport and send you to your country with a ban of up to five years. Now that you everything, you should check or check iqama Huroob and get yourself ready.

Check Iqama Huroob status on MOL?

The first thing you will need to check iqama Huroob status via MOL is a valid iqama id and an internet connection to access MOL (website) online portal. It kind of weird that still the MOL website is in the Arabic language and there is no English version of it. Anyway, you can follow the step-by-step guide, so it will be easy for you to understand.

  1. Click here to visit MOL (Ministry of Labor), the official website.
  2. Enter your Iqama ID (in the “Raqam-ul-Iqama).
  3. Now enter the image code as know as CAPTCHA code (in the Ramz-ul-Tahqaq).
  4. Click the View button there it is “Bihis” in Arabic, follow the below screenshot to get help.
Procedure of checking Huroob on MOL
The procedure for checking Huroob on MOL

Wait for the MOL page will to be reloaded successfully and you will see the result. Now if you see the Nitaqat iqama red-green color status, it means you are totally safe and there is nothing to worry about. Moreover, Nitaqat colors mean your sponsor or company white, green, red, yellow, and platinum category.

But, if the following message appears as the result, then it means you are in big trouble. Because your Muqeem card or iqama is under Huroob. I will suggest you go to your sponsor and humbly request him to remove it. That is the only thing you can do. The bad news you cannot even enter all the GCC gulf countries.

How to remove Huroob from your Iqama?

Unfortunately, you can do much while having an Haroof again your iqama number. The only and safe way is to get to your sponsor, humbly request him to remove iqama Huroof or pay if you are willing to pay and want to stay in KSA.

The other way is (not suggested, do it on your own) is to stay hide and work until you can. And whenever you the police or Jawazat catch you. They will send you to your home country.

Important note: There no such record neither an update for checking domestic worker’s Haroof status online on MOL. Please let me know in the comment below if you have experienced such things and help others.

How to Remove Iqama Huroob?

There are three possible ways to remove Huroob/Haroof. Can’t wait to know? Ok, let me tell you the below three possible ways to remove it.

The first thing you may wanna do is to let yourself catch by Shurta/Jawazat authorized people. Get some jail :), and then they will send you back to your home country [any]. The only thing is you will get banned for 5 years from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The 2nd way is To Go back to your Kafeel, sponsor or company talk to them, and explain to them why you were absent. Try to convince them that this won’t happen again and you will be a regular and good working person. In some cases, it’s normal that your Kafeel/sponsor/ or company can remove Huroob. And let me tell you that, they are authorized to remove the Huroob.

The 3rd way is to go to the Jawazat office and tell them what exactly happened and you are not the one who is mistaken. In some cases, Expats have the proof and clarification of why he was absent and get Huroob. If you can explain and you are able to talk to the Jawazat people there. Then go ahead and talk to them you are not a criminal. It happened many Huroob has been removed this way.

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