Ministry of Hajj & Umrah to Refund Umrah Visa Fees

In the last week, Saudi Arabia has suspended Umrah services due to Coronavirus. They have made this decision for the health of their public. And why they should not? Definitely they do care about their people. Anyhow, they have launched new E-service to refund the Umrah or Visit visa fees.

New E-Service to Refund the Umrah Visa Fee

Thanks to the government of Saudi Arabia for providing such unique facilities. I know this our right to get a refund back upon the Umrah suspension. But They launched the new E-services to make the service fast to refund our rights to us. Read Saudi Suspended Travel to Iran Due to Coronavirus.

For your information in the last they suspended Umrah and Visits to the Kingdom. This is especially for those countries that are affected by Coronavirus. There are thousands of D due to the Coronavirus and Saudi Arabia is playing an important role over it.

They do care about their people, it is not like we hate them for this. But it’s their safety right and after all, it’s their country. They are playing a role upon stopping Coronavirus from spreading as much as possible.

For now, they about start refunding those who have applied for a visit or Umrah. However, the Umrah visa is now canceled for everyone and you should start getting your refund soo. You can contact the agency via which you applied. Humbly ask them to return your Umrah visa fees. Read New Jafurah Project in Saudi Arabia.

It doesn’t matter if it an agency or agent but you can ask to get your refund. Because Saudi Arabia is about starting the refund as soon as possible. However, it is not mentioned that there will charges, etc, so you should get back exactly the amount the total amount you have paid to the agent or agency.

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