How to Cancel Final Exit Visa in Saudi Arabia

An expatriate can cancel a final exit visa in Saudi Arabia whenever he/she wants it to be canceled. There could be multiple reasons you may want to cancel your exit or final exit visa. Now the question is Yes you can cancel the final exit visa but how? Once you leave the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia you can come back on a new visa.

There are lots of things you must want to take care of before leaving the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. So that later you can apply for a new visa whenever you want to come back to KSA. However, to cancel the final exit visa follow the procedure.

How to Cancel Final Exit Visa in Saudi Arabia

  1. First thing first, go to the Jawazat offices and ask people who sit near Jawazat offices for a final exit cancellation form. Here you can see where Jawazat offices are located all over Saudi Arabia.
  2. Whoever processed your final exit visa, ask to attest the cancellation from your employer.
  3. Ask the employer the give you a letter of cancellation of a final exit visa to request Saudi Jawazat to
  4. Cancel your final exit visa. The latter must be attested by the Chamber of Commerce.
  5. Your Iqama must be renewed and should be valid, To check this article Check iqama expiry or Iqama renewal.
  6. Now you need two passport-size photos with white backgrounds.
  7. Scan a copy of the final exit visa.
  8. A scanned copy of Iqama must be valid.
  9. And a valid passport.
  10. Submit the documents to your HR office and they will forward them to Jawazat.

Wait for the process to complete successfully in Jawazat, once your final exit visa is canceled you will get notified by the HR office in your company or Kafeel if you work on an Azad visa.

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  1. Sahara Pangandaman says

    Sir i have finale exit i file case against my company because she forced to resign and signed all papers cut my salary 500riyals, im not finished my contract i 1yr and 2months left for my contract, sir how can I cancel my exit visa because i want to work for another company ????

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