Saudi Suspended Travel to Iran Due to Coronavirus

According to Saudi Jawazat, all travels to and from Iran are suspended. This is because of Coronavirus. No Saudi resident can travel to and from country Iran. They are taking actions at least to save people of the Kingdom. It is happening for the last 15 days. Though each visit from all over the ports is suspended.

Saudi Citizens to Stop Visiting Iran

The General Directorate of Passport in Suadi Arabia confirms the suspension of traveling to and from Iran. They are about saving the lives of their existing residents. However, the infected ones, the only care for them is with Allah Subhana Wa Tagala.

All these cautions are just for the safety of the public in the Kingdom. It is just to maintain the good health of our people, mentioned by Saudi Jawazat.

On the other side, it is difficult for those have recently visited Iran. They cannot come back until the next notice of Saudi Jawazat. Each resident who is there in Iran in the last 15 days, cannot get back here to the Kingdom due to Coronavirus. Read New Traffic Violation Penalties List in Saudi Arabia.

Moreover, those about taking action against this confirmation will be considered to pay huge penalties. Also, they might get jailed and may subject to quarantine for 15 days. So please if you are one of them stay where you are and pray to Allah to save you.

Now let us talk about the other citizens who traveled to Iran but coming back from other countries. It does not matter how but if you are entering the Kingdom via other countries. The passport officer will check your passport for Iran exits stamps. If found any then you are subject to be a criminal and will need to pay huge violation fees. Check Saudi Iqama Fees for 2019 2020.

All this is because of the recent Coronvirus case in Iran. There are 18 previously happened and now it is more than 13, however, there are four recent D because of Coronavirus. That is the main reason the Kingdom is taking precautions. But you are safe from the virus then you don’t need to worry about anything.

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