Saudi Temporarily Ban Umrah Due to Coronavirus

Health fear is increasing in Saudi Arabia. That is the main reason Saudi Arabia banned temporarily Umrah due to Coronavirus. Definitely it is a threat to humans all over the world no one can hide from it. However, Saudi Arabia is too much serious over Coronavirus.

Saudi Updated Over Coronavirus

Let me inform you that previously they have traveled to and from Turki. It doesn’t matter where the Coronavirus attacks and possess and takes lives. Saudi Arabia is now worried and stoping those countries. Read New Jafurah Gas Project in Saudi Arabia.

A couple of hours ago, in Pakistan, India, Philippines, and each city where the flights are coming to KSA for Umrah. They have suspended them to land on the airports in the Kingdom. Saudi Arabia is taking caution for their public in the KSA.

So all the placed have returned back from KSA and announced that they should stop visiting KSA for Umrah and other purposes. However, there is a huge loss to the government. They are making millions of Saudi Riyals when people visit and stay there in Kingdom. But public health is their topmost priority and they are taking care of it. I think they are doing the right things.

So if you are one of those who has recently applied for a visit visa or Umrah visa to Saudi Arabia. You should cancel before its too late for you. Let me also tell you that the ban is not for just Umrah visitors but also for tourist for countries where Coronavirus has taken lives. Read Employee Rights as per Saudi Labor Law.

Furthermore, this is to inform you that even Saudi citizens are banned who are there in the countries where the Coronavirus exists. You cant get in and out from and to those countries under the attack of the virus. Also traveling from and to China as well as Iran are banned.

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