Biometric Fingerprint on Saudi Visas

Biometric fingerprints implementation on all Saudi visas from 2018 (Hijri 1439). This a good step by the Government of Saudi Arabia to ensure their security and safety. The fingerprints implementation is nor just on Work visas but Hajj and Umrah as well as starting from  2018.

Yes on the other hand’s pilgrims visiting KSA are experiencing many problems like waiting to enroll the finger to Hajj and Umrah. Saudi Embassies in different countries like India, Philippines, and Pakistan has instructed to ensure fingerprint enrollment.

Fingerprint Implementation on Saudi Visas

Yes, the fingerprint enrollment was introduced by Saudi Arabia a couple of years ago but just for work permits and visit visa. But now it’s on Hajj and Umrah all visas and countries too. Not just in India and Pakistan but Sweden and other similar countries too.

The plus point is you won’t wait in Saudi Arabia on arrival after enrolling the fingers in your home country like India, Philippines, Sweden, and Pakistan. This is at least some good news for applicants applying for visas for Saudi Arabia.

There must be charges when biometric finger enrollment in your home country. But not yet the fee has confirmed by anyone. As soon as we get information about the fee we will inform you. Though Visas activation without fingerprint is not possible anymore ensured by MOFA Riyadh Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Riyadh.

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