How to Check Saudi Visa Validity Status Online [2023]

The government of Saudi Arabia plays an important for providing E-service. They are good at it, for example, anyone in the Kingdom can easily check their Saudi visa validity online. Actually, the validity of a Saudi visa is the time interval between the release and expiry date. That time interval (visa validity) allows you to visit and exit the country within that duration.

For your information, there are types of visas, single entry, single re-entry, double-entry and re-entry, and multiple entries.  However, it is not important what type of visa you have, the most important thing is the validity of a KSA visa.

Now the question where and how do you check the expiry date of the visa you are holding in KSA? Don’t worry it is not a problem anymore. You can check that out through MOI “Visa Validity Service” online. A big thanks to the Ministry of Interior for that.

Check Visa Validity Online on Eserve

The procedure is very simple and easy. All you need is to follow these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Select “Choose the first value as “Iqama number” or “Visa number”.
  3. Write the “Iqama number” in the box.
  4. Then “Choose the second value as “Passport”.
  5. Write the “Passport number” in the box.
  6. Click the “Check” button.

Saudi Visa Validity Check

How to Check Visa Validity on Muqeem

Visit and select the Visa option, enter your your Visa number. Select the Cross-Check as your Iqama number, passport number, date of birth, name, iqama expiry date, and visa expiry date, and click the Check button. You will see the results on the next page.

How to Check Visa Validity on Muqeem

When you click on the check button, the page will reload. Thus you will see the validity of your visa. The result will be displayed either if expired or valid. However, if you are not getting the result as expected. Then double-check everything as follows:

Checklist before checking the Validity of your Visa in KSA

Check that every you have put, for example, the first value and second value is correct. Also, check that your Iqama ID is not expired. To check your Iqama expiry date follow this guide. Moreover, check the spelling of your name, and check the date of birth is correct. If everything is OK and still you are not satisfied as expected. Then contact your company or Kafeel or HR office.

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