New Jafurah Gas Project in Saudi Arabia

Jafurah is a new giant project by Saudi Aramco. They are about investing over 110 billion dollars in the new Jafurah Gas project. Do you have any idea how much SAR they are gonna invest in? It is more SAR 412 billion riyals.

Saudi Arabia new Jafurah Gas Project

Saudi Aramco is a great company itself and they are now making a new one. The Jafurah new Gas project to turn The Kingdom to a whole new level. They are gonna start exporting the Gas in the global market, once the project is completed successfully. Read Saudi Arabia to Increase Pakistani Workers Quota.

For your information, the Jafurah is a larget oil field in the existing on the Southeast side of Ghawar. Can you guess the availability of Gas in there? No, that is why you are here. The approximation is almost more than 200 trillion cubic fee Gas is there. Meaning, they are about producing around 130,000 barrels in one single day.

Moreover, the approximately methane barrel production will be 500,000 per day. Now you might be thinking how much they are gonna export from the Kingdom. The total number is almost 34 percent export size of these Gas and methane barrels. Read Saudi Suspended Travel to Iran Due to Coronavirus.

As per Saudi Vision 2030, the Kingdom may become a country that doesn’t care about petrol anymore. They are gonna keep exploring things such as they did now and will make the country much better. However, there are other ongoing projects such as NEOM. In my opinion, they are gonna take the Kingdom to whole different level.

You might be thinking about how did this happened and how this news is all around the world. Well, for your information, Saudi Arabia crown prince Mohammad Bin Salman set a meeting with Hight Commission for things such as Hydrocarbons. In the ongoing meeting, they did discuss this project as mentioned in Saudi-expatriates dot com.

In the near future, the project is gonna make around 9 billion dollars in income. Though Saudi will contribute 20 bill USD per year to Saudi’s GDP.

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