Family Visit Visa Process Online in Saudi Arabia

In this guide, learn how to process a family visit visa in Saudi Arabia via “MOFA Family Visit Visa Service” online. Also how to check family visit visa status online in KSA via MOFA. Definitely, you can invite your loved ones to the kingdom of Saudi with the help of family visit visa online apply via mofa government service in Saudi Arabia.

The latest news for a visit visa is, In 2017 / 2018 the family visit visa KSA is much more expensive as compared to 2015 and 2014. Not every expatriate can apply and afford the expense fees as they are more than 4000 SAR for now. Check the cost if you are reviewing this article later on. Anyhow, let’s get to the point and process to learn how to apply or get a visit visa for any family members to invite them to KSA.

Who You Can Invite?

Definitely, you can invite your loved ones to enjoy a happy visit to the Kingdom o Saudi Arabia. But rules are rules and you can get the visa for the following family members easily and successfully. Other than that you can try out on your own risk.

  • Your Mother and Father.
  • Your Brothers and Sisters.
  • Your Mother in Law and Father in Law.
  • Of course your Children.
  • Wife.
  • Brothers in Law.
  • And Sisters in Law.

All the above your relative can get their visa when you apply for their family visit visa online via Mofa. As we mentioned earlier you can try for others but at your own risk. Anyhow, let get started with the application procedure below.

Tips before Applying for Family Visit Visa

You might be knowing better than me that KSA is not a perfect place for visiting like for Fun and Entertainment. But as an expat, you cannot stay that long without your families like wife and children to spend some time with and enjoy a little. You might be wondering about how long your family can stay in the Kingdom?

Well, the main thing is your Iqama profession. You can invite them on a permanent visa / Visit for 3 months. One of the best things is you can expand these 3 months to 4 by renewing the visit visa. You know what? you can easily extend it for six months (6) also. But be careful to invite your family before 6 months Hajj and Ramadan or right after Hajj days.

How to Apply for Family Visit Visa

Before the online application form fills up and submit. There are some basic and important documents required by the Government of Saudi Arabia Mofa website. Check the required documents given below:

Your original and Valid Iqama or Muqeem card, to check Iqama expiry date click here.

You and Your Family original passports copies.

Must check that your iqama profession is valid for applying and submitting the form via mofa website for getting visas for family members.

Fill the Application for Family Visit Visa in MOFA:

You know what? you are the kafeel of your any family member you are about to invite to Saudi. So remember to put/write your Name in place of sponsor/kafeel when you are filling the online application on the Mofa website. Follow the below steps:

  1. Click here to go to Mofa website, then click “Citizens and Residents” option there
  2. Now “Agree” to the terms and conditions
  3. Select “Expiry Date” and put your “ID Iqama number” in “Personal Data”
  4. Put the required information in “Application data”
  5. Put the required information in “Visitor Data”
  6. Now you are in “View” application Step
  7. Did you fill up everything the right away? OK follow the below step.
  8. Don’t forget to take a print copy of your family visit visa.
  9. You are done.
Request family visit visa ksa via mofa

Submit Printed Application to Chamber of Commerce

  1. Sign the Application you’ve printed, the Signature date must be the same date on the printed Application form.
  2. Sign and Stamp the application from your sponsor or kafeel or company.
  3. Visit COC Chamber of Commerce KSA in your city.
  4. Pay SR. 20 or 30 may be to the chamber of commerce in your city.
  5. When you submit the application they will give a printed copy.

How to Check Family Visit Visa Status Online

Constantly check for your application approval via Mofa website, usually, it can take up to 3 or 4 days to be approved since the day you submitted it. To check the family visit visa status online via Mofa, follow the below easy steps.

  1. Just get to MOFA official website.
  2. Select “Application Submitted to mofa” option there.
  3. Now just enter the application then Iqama number.
  4. Now enter image code.
  5. And finally, click Inquire button there.
Check family visa visit status online mofa


Finally, Submit Approved Application to Saudi Embassy

After the approval of your family visit visa application form, Now you need to send a copy of the approved family visit visa application form to your family member (Any). And tell them to submit it to nearest Saudi Embassy in your home country there.
Don’t forget to send them your iqama copy as well passport copy with four passport size photos. And they will need to submit these docs to Saudi Embassy too. Marriage certificates are also required if the visiting personal is married. Check Visa Exit Re-Entry Status Online.

Don’t let your Family Overstay

You might be aware of this or not, it is illegal to overstay in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after the expiry date on Visa. Do you know what is the penalty? It is about SR 25000 even your family stay for one hour longer than the expiry date on Visa.

Feel free to comment down for more information in terms of Family visit visa in KSA or any other issues while living in KSA. Our team will glad to help you out with anything related. Share the post to help others as well.

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