Check Saudi Visa Status Online (Through Mofa)

Each person who wants to visit the Kindom of Saudi Arabia must have a valid visa. They must check if the provided E-number is valid or not at first. Thanks to the government of Saudi Arabia for providing such facilities to facilitate new visitors. They can easily check passport numbers and E-number with ease online. Don’t worry I will show you the procedure.

In this article, learn how to check the Saudi visa status online via MOFA  or passport number. MOFA made it much easier than before for expatriates living in KSA and local Arabic speakers. Ministry of Foreign Affairs allows each person to do this themselves.

A Saudi visa is issued by authorized agencies. Also, It can be issued by any other E-Services (electronic services) status online check by Mofa application number.

Check Saudi Visa Status

Please make to have a valid visa number before you go through the following steps. Actually, you must have a visa and record number. Please follow the below simple steps to check your Saudi visa status online:

  1. Visit website
  2. Under the search select “Visa Issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs”.
  3. Enter the “visa number”
  4. Now just enter the “record number”
  5. Enter the “image captcha code” to ensure it is entered correctly.
  6. Finally, click the “Inquire” button below.

Visa status inquiry MOFA

What is the MOFA Number?

If you have already applied for a working or family visa online, It is an online visa application number issued by another electronic service or “MOFA” itself. With the help of this, you can easily track or query about family visa status or work “visa” status online. Remember only authorized agencies can do such a service.

There are some other interesting services you can get benefits from on MOFA online. For example, the Application to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs “Mofa”. Query or Search for Umrah Request. Query and review application letter data easily. And one of the most important hajj requests as well.

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