How to Check Exit Re-Entry Visa Status Online

Learn how to check an exit re-entry visa status online in Saudi Arabia. Easily check exit re-entry visa status via MOI e-service in a couple of seconds by passport number and iqama number. In this guide, I will show you two methods to find online visa check status in KSA. One is through MOI [Ministry of Interior] official and Visa validity check via Eserve.

After checking and finding out the “Visa” validity status through MOI or Eserve ELM Muqeem you can then print it out by just hitting CTRL+P on the keyboard. Let’s check it out:

Check Exit Re-Entry Visa Status Online

  1. Click this link to go for Eserve online visa checking.
  2. Click “Choose the first Value” and select the “Iqama Number” from the drop-down list.
  3. Now click “Choose Second Value” and select “Passport Number” from the drop-down list.
  4. Finally, click the “Check” button for finding out [Exit Re-Entry] “Visa” Status.
  5. Hit Ctrl+P to print the status of your “Visa”. That’s it.

Exit Reentry Check via E serve online

Check Exit Re Entry Visa Status via Muqeem

Muqeem is also an official web portal for everyone in the Kingdom. You can check your exit re-entry visa via online with your Visa number and Iqama or passport number. Here is how to do it”

Go to and select English at the top left. Select Visa number and enter the number in the box, then in the Cross check field select passport number and enter the passport number in the box. Click the Check button and you will see the details of your exit re-entry visa.

Check Exit Re Entry Visa Status via Muqeem
Check Exit Re Entry Visa Status via Muqeem

Check Exit Re-Entry Visa Status on Absher Online

Visit MOI for Public Query Exit/Re-Entry Visa Status via MOI Absher. In the Mandatory Field “Enter Iqama/Muqeem ID Number”. Your “Sponsor/Kafeel ID Number”, Enter “Image Captcha Code”, and ensure it is correctly entered. Now type in the “Visa number” in the box. Enter your “Passport number”. Finally, hit the “View” button to check the status online of your visa. Hit Ctrl+P to print out the visa “status”.

Check Exit Re-entry via MOI Absher

That’s it, you can follow any of the above procedures in order to find out Visa Status online in Saudi and then print it easily by just hitting Ctrl+P on the keyboard. You can comment down if experiencing any issues.

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