How to Check Umrah Visa Price and Its Status 2023

Let me show you how to check the Umrah visa price and its status online. A new Umrah and Hajj visa price/fee and status checking service implementation by the Saudi government. A couple of days ago, the Ministry of Hajj & Umrah service launched a new online e-service for visitors in Saudi Arabia. The service is known as “Visa Fee and Package Inquiry” by MAQAM.

It’s a very useful service for Expats, operators, and agents in KSA and other countries. Because they can now easily track the visa status online and an application price in 2023. There is some good news as well, now in KSA, there is no fee for pilgrims doing their first Umrah in their good life.

However, the price is SAR. 2000 for doing the Umrah twice a year or after a year. The fee will be skipped if you are doing the Umrah for the 2nd or third time in the 2nd Hijri and third Hijri year.

Now let’s dive into our main topic and check out the procedure of checking Umrah visa status online and its applicable price step by 2 steps.

How to Check Umrah Visa Status Its Fee Online

Go to the Ministry of Hajj & Umrah’s official website. Select your “Nationality” in the first box. Put your “Passport Number” in the second box. Now “Enter the image code” in the third box. Click the “SEARCH” button (refer to the image below).

Check Umrah visa status online

After you click on the “Search” button, the page will reload the result will be displayed (refer to the image below). It should be like “No request visa fee on Umrah” or something like “The status request sent to the Saudi embassy”.


When you follow the above procedure, you will know what is the current Umrah price. Thus no one will cheat you and take your money as these agents are not quite truthful. This way you can easily protect yourself from scammers while getting an Umrah and Hajj visa.


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