Final Exit Visa Process and Tips – Saudi Arabia

An expatriate cannot stay in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia forever and may return to the home country on final exit from KSA. A final exit visa for dependents in Saudi Arabia is a step an Expat may take early or later and return to their home country. In this guide, I will show you the procedure for final exit visa fees and final exit benefits and also what to do before leaving the Kingdom of KSA.

No matter, if you and your family members are traveling to your home country, need all the below important steps to take and get the benefits of the final leave.

Final Exit Process and Tips in Saudi Arabia

The first thing is your contract no matter if you are working in the company or with Kafeel/sponsor. You don’t have to do anything about your final leave/exit from a company. Your sponsor or company is the one who is responsible for your final exit visa. So don’t worry keep calm, and notify the company or Kafeel before forty-five (45) days.

Don’t worry about fees etc. Just tell the Company that you are about to leave and do not renew the contract/Iqama.

Time is a game-changer, anything could happen and your contract completion period is one of the most important factors. You should leave the Kingdom before the contract/iqama renewal and it must be 30 to 45 days earlier. Do have nice behavior in the company and sponsor or Kafeel, so that they may not stop you in any case.

Remember if a company or Kafeel wants, I mean if you have bad behavior with them. They can put you under Huroob, so be careful. Notice the company or Kafeel one and a half months before your iqama expired.

Also, send your family members before your final exit time period. Don’t forget to take all your money to the bank like Al-Rajhi, NCB, etc. Send your car, living in a house on rent, OK notice the landlord and let the landlord hold the house.

Don’t forget to pay the bills such as electricity, and telephone line and most important deactivate your credit cards and debit card. Otherwise, the police can stop at any airport even if your flight is ready to fly. Also, do check your traffic violations and clear any penalty against you on MOI. Ensure to get the passport before getting an airline ticket.

End of Service Benefits and Procedure

All you need to do di inform the employer if you are working in a company to give you all end-of-service benefits in cash as you may freeze your bank account. If you already submitted your valid iqama card to the company then ensure to send the money via a friend’s iqama ID card from KSA to your home country. You can also send the mobile to the home country as well before leaving. So take the money, get the benefits, and leave the KSA as a legal ex-pat. Have a safe journey to your home country.

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