Eligible Professions for Family Visa in Saudi Arabia

New rules are added for iqama holders with these professions are eligible and can apply for family visit visa in Saudi Arabia. There is not any minimum or maximum salary requirements for family visa in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. There are lots of professions allowed to apply for a visa for the family but if yours is not then you can apply for iqama change of profession and check the status of changes status online easily.

Now any expatriate might have a question in his mind that, is he eligible for apply for a visa for the family to visit Saudi Arabia. Now, are we are providing the complete list of professions eligible for applying for a visa but some expat cannot and we are also providing a list too. To know how to apply for family visit Visa in KSA.

Permanent family Visa or Visit Visa Elegible Professions

Accouts and Administrations

  • Accountant
  • Auditor
  • Account Verificatoin department
  • Accont Manage etc.
  • Administration Coordination and Manager as well Researchers.

 Air and Aquatic

  • Aquatic Specialists.
  • Air controller, Navigator, and hostess.
  • Aircraft Takeoff Controller, Maintainance, also Transport Managers.
  • Pilots and Assistant Pilots and Technicians.

Army, Artists, and Archeology

  • Archeological Director, Prospector, Researcher.
  • Architectural Draftsman.
  • Army Ocer, Actor, Musician, Composer, Poet, Painter, and Singer.
  • Author, Astronomer.

Assistance, Aviation, and Banking

  • Assistant Engineer, General Manager, and Assitant Pharmacist.
  • Aviation gudie, techinician and Trainer.
  • Bank Manager, Officials, Business Manager, and Banker.

Breeding, Broadcasting, and Business

  • Animals breeding specialist, Birds, Bees, and Horse Breeding technicians.
  • Broadcasting manager, Business lady, and Man.

Navy, and Others

  • Captain of Ship, Cruise, Carrier, Steamship, guide, Supervisor, and Maintainance technician.
  • Career, Chairman, Executive Director, Diploma holders, ECG Technicians.
  • Engineers, Electricity Managers, Surveyors. IT guys.
  • All Iqama holders with a profession related to Medical.
  • All Sales Professions and Telecom.
  • All Sport and Tourism Professions.
  • Institute and TV and court-related Professions.
  • Companies and Customs related profession.
  • Iqama profession holders related to lab, land, marine, and correspondent.

If your profession is one of the above then you can definitely apply for the visa like permanent and visit visa. If yours is not in the above then comment down below so can tell you if you can apply or not.

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  1. Mohamed says

    In terms of food controller, will I be eligible to take my dependent mom under me ?

  2. Shaan says

    production engineering technician- is this profession allowed for applying permanent family visa ???

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