How to Change Nationality on Iqama KSA

Your Iqama is your resident ID in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It has all the information on it, for example, your name, nationality, Mehna, address, etc. For some reason, if you have changed your passport or got a second one, you can go ahead and make those changes that match your information on the Iqama. You can request the Jawazat to update your nationality on the Iqama with a few simple steps. Don’t worry I am going to show you that step by step. So, let’s get started…

Why Change Nationality on Saudi Iqama

There are millions of Expatriates living in the Kingdom with a work visa. Their salary package is what they rely on. So, people do update their nationality for the salary package. Because, someone with a Western passport e.g United States of America, Canada, and Australia gets a higher salary package than Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Indian, Philippines, etc.

The Documents you need

The process to change or update your nationality on the Iqama is easy and simple. However, there are some documents you need to do so. Keep in mind that the overall process may take from 2 to 6 months. Now here are the required docs for doing so:

  • Your original Iqama.
  • Old and new passports.
  • Fingerprints report from the nearest Police station.
  • A Jawazat form.

Jawazat’s Letter to the Police

First, you need to visit Jawazat. Explain to them, that you want to change your nationality on Iqama. Once you convince the officer at Jawazat, the officer will give you a letter to the police for a fingerprint checkup. Don’t worry it is just for formality. Now please follow the second step.

Fingerprint Verification from the Police

Now take the Jawazat letter with you and visit the nearest police station. Explain to them the purpose of your visit and they will start getting your fingerprints for verification. Once everything is done, they will issue the clearance report. Keep it with you.

Visit Jawazat to get updated Iqama

Now with your current Iqama ID card, old and new passport, and fingerprint verification report from the police, visit the Jawazat office. Submit the required documents over there. Once they confirm and verify all the comets. The Jawazat office will update and change your nationality on the Iqama and will request to take the updated Iqama print from the window.

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