Saudi Recovered 108K Plus Corona Cases from 164K

There is some good news in the Kingdom regarding coronavirus updates. Saudi Arabia recovered 108K plus cases out of 168K as of today June 23rd, 2020. For your information as of now, Saudi Arabia’s Health Ministry stated in their tweet that they have found 3139 new cases, while 4710 recently cured. Moreover, there are 39 new people who are no longer in this world. The Saudi Health ministry records 2122 new critical cases in various hospitals.

New Coronavirus Updates in Saudi Arabia

Let me inform you that as of now the newly registered and infected people are isolated, However, the records by the Health Ministry as of June 23rd as follow:
The total cases of Infections are 164,144. The number of those who have been recovered from coronavirus is 109,885. While those are no longer are 1,346. For your info, the total active cases are 52,913.

In Saudi Arabia as of today, the city which is the highest number of Corona infections is Jeddah with over 939 total cases recorded. Let me tell you that the number of total infections in Jeddah is 4,399. But on the other hand, the 2nd highest city in KSA with a total infection of 3,722 in Dammam.

Thanks to the great doctors in the Kingdom for performing over 1.3 million tests in Saudi Arabia. The sad news is that the infections have been reached to almost 194 cities of the great Kingdom Saudi Arabia. Read also: KSA Flights Suspension Continued Until Next Notice.

The reveries performed in Riyadh are 1588 in the last 24 hours, this as per Hufof recoveries. While in Riyadh the total performed tests are 27K plus which is quite a good signal. Moreover, there are recoveries as the pubic is cooperating in all sectors of the Kingdom.

Soon there will be things back to its normal state. For your information, most of the barber’s shops, female beauty salons, and related categories are opened seen by the public. This is a very good signal towards a corona free country Saudi Arabia.

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