Check Iqama Expiry Date Online on MOI Absher

In Saudi Arabia, it is very important to check the iqama expiry date online. Because Expats in KSA can’t live with an expired Iqama ID. However, for every expatriate, keeping their Iqama ID card updated must be one of the top priorities.

This Article the below procedure will lead you through the overall procedure of how to check the iqama expiry date online with the help of Absher MOI service. Let get started with the following method which is very easy.

Check Iqama Expiry Date Online in KSA

  1. Click This Link to directly go to the MOI official website.
  2. Enter your “Iqama” ID card number in the first field.
  3. Enter the “Image Captcha Code” as shown in the below screenshot.
  4. Finally, Hit the “View” button.
  5. The “Expiry date” will appear shortly.
  6. See the below screenshot for reference.

Check iqama expiry online

Why Check for Iqama Expiry in KSA?

  • An expatriate will pay penalties for having an expired Muqeem card.
  • Nobody can live in the Kingdom without having an expired Muqeem card.
  • Either if you are Saudi or non-Saudi, you cannot apply for a family visit Visa.
  • You can’t apply for Exit Visa, either for Exit Re-Entry Visa.
  • Police can be caught you anytime anywhere.
  • No one can leave the Kingdom with an expired Muqeem Card.
The above are the major reasons why you need to regularly check the Expiry date of your “Iqama” in KSA. It is a must to renew the “Iqama” before 2 months from the expiration period. So that you can avoid all of the above. Don’t forget to comment below if you have any confusion. Share the article to help others as well. Related: Check Iqama Red Green Color Status on MOI/MOL.
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