Mashaer Train is Ready to Serve Hajj Pilgrims

Mashaer Train is now ready to serve Hajj pilgrims every year in KSA. Mashaer train is a fast metro train in Suadi Arabia, However, now the train will help Haji to travel between all areas in Makkah city including Mount Arafat, Muzdalifah, and Mina. This is a piece of great news for all Haji this year and all upcoming years. The train will stop at 9 stations and the above platforms are included.

Mashaer Train for Hajj Pilgrims

The Mashaer is a unique train service like the metro train in Makkah city, it will move only 7 days a year. In short, this is only for hajj purposes. It is only to serve only Hajj pilgrims during the holy Hajj period in a year.

These trains can carry the highest capacity of Haji compared to any metro in the world. It will make up to 1000 trips with 17 trains (Mashaer ones) every year.

The train is full of features such as air conditioners in each carriage etc. Each carriage has 5 doors for in and out one time only 250 passengers. Read also: Hajj Registration Procedure in 2023 for Residents Only.

Each year from now on, there are 20,000 operators from various departments for managing the train services and provide the best to Haji. The Mashaer train is made only for Hajj purposes and won’t travel anywhere else in the Kingdom. It was first launched in 2010, however, now it’s a better version.

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