Hajj Registration Procedure 2023 (Residents Only)

The Hajj registrations are open to the public but to residents only. From today on, you easily apply for Hajj in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Registration is available online on the local Hajj Ministry website.

How to Register for Hajj in 2023

Here is the procedure to get yourself for Hajj this year. But remember this is only for the residents only. Follow these steps in order to register:

  1. Go to the local Hajj official website.
  2. The candidate needs a self-certification on the website with the following:
    1. Make sure you don’t have diabetes, blood pressure problems, etc.
    2. Ensure you don’t have any heart issues, or respiratory diseases, not affected by corona.
    3. Also, you have to certify that you are between 20 to 65 years old.
    4. You are pledging to respect home quarantine as per the approved MOH.
    5. Also, you are pledging that you have never performed Hajj before.
  3. Read the above information carefully then click the Submit button.
  4. You will next page where you can input your Iqama number, Actual Resident city, and image Recaptcha to certify that you are not a robot.
  5. Click the Submit button.

The above procedure is for only those persons who have not perforated hajj even once in their lives. However, if you are the one then follow the above registration procedure. But note that the process of registration does not mean that now you can go for Hajj.

This is not a final registration, you will get a response from the approval team then you have to go to perform the Hajj. But you should meet all the above requirements. Incomplete forms are automatically canceled. So do everything as required and with caution.

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