Saudia Flights Suspension Continued Until Next Notice

Saudia Airlines stated that all international flights are suspended due to the current pandemic situation. However, the suspension period is until the next notice. Saudi Arabian Airlines stated this on its official Twitter page.

Saudia Flights Suspension Continued

So today fresh news is that Saudi Arabian Airlines continued to suspend international flights from the Kingdom. However, the incoming flights are still allowed for the Saudi national only. This is for those Saudi Nationals who are getting the Awdah service of Absher.

If you are curious and wanna know about domestic flights. Then they are operational and there is not any notice regarding its suspension too. The notice is only for international flights for other countries. Read also: Saudi Arabia Has Recovered 80K Corona Cases.

Moreover, there is good news also by GACA. GACA, The General Authority of Civil Aviation said that the domestic will be soon resuming for these five airports. These airports are inducing Yanbu, Bisha, Sharourah, Hafar Al-Batin and Taif only. Other than these five there are no domestic flights in the Kingdom.

However, the domestic flights ha been resumed from May 31st, 2020. Means you can travel on domestic flights. But there are rules and regulations you need to follow. The very 1st is to cover your mouth and nose with a medical mask or related. The other you should wash your hand and check your temperature once asked before or after the flights. If you refused then there fine you need to pay. But you need to keep this in mind that the penalty or fine will incase and may double while repeating the mistake again and again.

Our suggestion before you books a flight. Make sure that you don’t have a template or related coronavirus symptoms on your body. Check your temperature manually and od checks everything before you get to the airport. However, if you are the one infected then they will provide the proper treatment.

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