Saudi Stamped Work Visa Fee to Refunded to Expats

According to XpressRiyadh a stamped Saudi work visa fee to be refunded to expatriates. The two ministries, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development announced this news yesterday. This is the latest update from these two official authorities in Suadi Arabia. However, the new is still there on their Twiter official page.

Saudi Stamped Work Visa Fee to Refunded

Expatriates have always been lucky while living and hearing in Saudi Arabia. There were thousands of workers with officially stamped visas. however, their flights was canceled due to the impact of coronavirus COVID-19. Thus they were not able to visit Saudi Arabia, but recently as per these two ministries, they are at least gonna get their visa fee back.

Every single foreign worker in Saudi Arabia had their stamped official visa of Saudi. However, they were not able to travel to the Kingdom due to this worst condition. Their visa fee will be refunded to its original owner. The main aim of the news is to help workers who left the Kingdom and did not return, the government is kind of helping the workers in the private sector.

So keep in mind that, don’t think that your visa has been canceled. Now you cannot get one because you don’t have the money. Moreover, you are lucky because the government is gonna refund your money. Once you get your visa then get a new one but in the current condition, wait until everything goes back to their normal state.

I mean let the curfew end first, let the virus to be disappeared from our world including Saudi Arabia. Then try to get a new visa for yourself. Moreover, there is a huge benefit to companies in the private sector as well.

Because they will get the already refunded money to their workers. If you are the one who has received from the company then you cannot get a refund again from the government.

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