Jawazat Iqama & Other Services Fees List 2023

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the home for expatriates from around the world. Each and every Expat must know Jawazat fees for different services. Different governmental departments in KSA have different fee structures for each service. The best thing is every e-service is available for citizens and non-citizens online. So, it is easy to make payments, track payments, and make new requests online.

The below list has new iqama renewal fees, work permits, dependent, visas, single visas, multiple visas, final exit visas, Kafeel transfer, Nakal Kafala, profession change, and transit fee details.

But the most important thing is, that you should have an Absher MOI account in order to get the full benefits of these services. Anyhow, we are talking about the Fees, let’s get started:

New Iqama Renewal Fees Updated 2023

Iqama also called the residence permit, which is most the important thing everyone must know about. Not just Iqama the iqama fees in 2023 Saudi Arabia as well. Ministry of Labor also called MOI fees for a work permit must be submitted first, either to make a new one or renew the existing one. You can check iqama fees 2023 here.

Description Fees in SAR
Fresh Iqama Fee – Fees for domestic drivers and workers 600
Fresh Iqama Fee and Renewal Fee for Business and Employees 650

Work Permit or Iqama Fees For 2023

Keep in mind that work permit fees are mandatory for both expatriates and employees. Moreover, organizations and Mosasas (all small businesses), as well as laborers are excluded from Maktab-e-Amal. However, the fees for the (Hijri 1440 and Hijri 1441) lists are below.

Description Fees in SAR
From Jan-2023 600
From Jan-2023 800

Expats Dependent Fee List

Every single Expat living in KSA needs to pay the dependent fees for all family members and anyone under their sponsorship. Remember the dependent fees is applicable for infants children and each number of member you are Kafeel of.

Description Fees in SAR
Dependent Month fees from Jan-2023 300
Dependent Month fees from Jan-2023 400

Employment Visa Fees List

The employment visa fees for all domestic workers including family/permanent visas are below.

Description Fees in SAR
Visa Fees for Domestic Workers KSA 2,300
Visa Fees for Permanent/Family KSA 2,000

Singel Visa Exit Re-Entry

If an expatriate wants to get a single exit re-entry visa for leave temporarily. Then:

Description Fees in SAR
Single visa for exit re-entry for two months 200
Single visa for exit re-entry for additional months 100

Multiple Visa Exit Re-Entry

If you are used to traveling a lot from and to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Then the fees list is:

Description Fees in SAR
Multiple visas for exit re-entry for three months 500
Multiple visas for exit re-entry for additional months 200

Final Visa Exit

In the end, every Expat must leave the Kingdom once and for all in their life. However, the final exit visa fee is:

Description Fees in SAR
Final Exit Visa fee and 2023 Free 🙂

Sponsorship Transfer or Nakal Kafala

Have you checked your Kafeel or company’s good or bad status, and want to transfer? Then:

Description Fees in SAR
First Nakal Kafal or Sponsor Transfer Fee 2,000
Second Nakal Kafal or Sponsor Transfer Fee 4,000
Third Nakal Kafal or Sponsor Transfer Fee 6,000

Change of Profession

The Ministry of Interior allows expats to change their Iqama profession online. But the only employer has the right to change it. If you want the Iqama profession to change then:

Description Fees in SAR
A profession change MOI Service Fee 1,000

Transit Visa Fee

There are some visitors who want to stay for just hours in KSA. That could be any reason such as business meetings, purchases, and much more. However, the transit visa fee is:

Description Fees in SAR
72 hours Transit Visa Fees 300

If you already have your residence permit check its validity first. If it is valid then it’s ok, but if it expired then there is a penalty of SR 500 up to SR 1500 you will need to pay if you don’t renew it on time. Moreover, the list of MOI Jawazat fees is the above.

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