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Here, learn about how to check MOI Absher traffic violation online Mukhalfa check on new Absher.sa. MOI (Ministry of Interior) allows expatriates and citizens to query traffic violation online. The Ministry of Interior e-services let you mukhalfa check via iqama number, garama/grama, other fines on a traffic violation, etc.

It should be important to you to instantly check your vehicle violation because there are penalties if you don’t pay the fees on time. I will show you step by step procedure in order to find out all payable fines against your iqama number.

Check MOI Traffic Violation Through Iqama Number

The MOI is totally changed and its official Absher.sa now. First, you need an Absher account and activate it then follow the below procedure. It easier than you think, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Visit Absher.sa Login to your Abshser account first, then click on “Amount of traffic violations” in your dashboard.

Step 4: Enter your “Iqama Id number”, then “image code” and click the “View” button.

Check traffic violation ksa

Query MOI Traffic Violation Online - Mukhalfa Check

Wait for the page to reload and then you will see the mukhalfa against your iqama number. I will suggest you pay these fines to avoid other penalties.

Alternate Procedure to Check MOI Traffic Violation with Iqama Number

It may happen sometime, that the page you are looking for is not available or other problem for such query. So will show an alternative method in order to know about the violation of traffic you have made on the road or somewhere else.

Step 1: All you need to do is to visit MOI Absher.sa “Online e-Sevices web portal by Absher MOI”.

Step 2: Click on the “Integrate eservices” on the page then click on “English at the top left corner.

Step 3: The web-page reloads, it will be in English language and much easier for you to query.

Step 4: Click on “Amount of traffic violations” on your dashboard.

Step 5: “Iqama Id number”, then enter you must enter the “image code” and finally click on the “View” button.

I have to say this again, that wait for the MOI web-page (online portal) to reload and then you will see the mukhalfa list against your iqama number. My suggestion is to you is to pay these fines to avoid other penalties.

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