New Traffic Violations List KSA (2023)

The new fee for traffic penalties and traffic rules was updated by the Government of Saudi Arabia in 2023. The Saudi traffic fine list was updated 3 months ago with traffic rules and violation fees in KSA for all expatriates and Saudis. These fines and violations include a Saher camera fine as well traffic signal camera fine.

One of the strict rules is that you will need to park your car/vehicle if you have reserved and paid for your parking area on the road. Otherwise, you will need to pay your illegal parking fine in Saudi Arabia.

All traffic violation fines are updated, the reason behind this is a large number of accidents in the Kingdom are noticed each year. One of the main reasons behind all this was the National Day 30,000 plus accidents were reported from almost every single city in the KSA.

So the authorities increased the traffic fines, violations, and penalties. And everybody is strictly instructed to follow the traffic rules and pay the penalties when a person made some. Learn how to check traffic violations on MOI.

Traffic Law new Amendments 2023 KSA

The Saudi Government has divided each violation by its category. Starting from Category 1 up to Category 8 with different rules, regulations, and traffic fines accordingly. The drifting fine is a huge one. However, all these categories are explained with fine and regulation details.

SAR 20,000 up to 60,000 Fine (Category 1)

  • Any type of drifting in public places.
  • 1st time fine is SAR 20,000.
  • 2nd time fine is SAR 40,000.
  • 3rd time fine is SAR 60,000.

SAR 5,000 up to 10,000 Fine (Category 2)

  • When you drive a car under the influence of drugs/alcohol.
  • Vally crossing when flood.
  • Not keeping animals away from the roads.
  • Roads work without notifying the road authorities.
  • When you hide or change the car chassis number.

SAR 3,000 up to 6,000 Fine (Category 3)

  • Crossing red signals.
  • Crossing stop signals.
  • Driving a car without a number plate.
  • Car racing on public roads, places, and areas.
  • Installing unnecessary gadgets on the official emergency cars.
  • Tempering at signals and regulating signs.
  • Driving in the wrong direction on the roads.
  • Using unauthorized gadgets, and devices in the vehicle.
  • Heavy truck drivers not keeping the lane at the right.

SAR 1,000 up to 2,000 Fine (Category 4)

  • When you stand or stop on the railway tracks.
  • Carrying out more than the allowed passengers in the card (for drivers).
  • When the car number is caught blurred.
  • Leaving a vehicle on the roads.
  • Refuse to show Car Istimara or Iqama.
  • Overtaking cars in curves and uphills (or at mountains).
  • Not wearing a helmet on a motorcycle.
  • Not getting a side when an ambulance is coming right after you.
  • Crossing the roads when no pedestrians.

SAR 500 up to 900 Fine (Category 5)

  • When you drive a vehicle without having a driving license.
  • Exceeding speed limits of 25 KM/h.
  • Unnecessary horns.
  • Not using headlights and fog lights at night in bad weather.
  • Not stopping when a traffic police want to check.
  • Driving a car with loose brakes.
  • Driving a vehicle without lights, especially in the tunnels and dark areas.
  • Using a mobile phone when driving.
  • Loading a truck or heavy vehicle without following the safety measures.

SAR 300 up to 500 Fine (Category 6)

  • Crossing speed limits of 25 KM/h.
  • Driving in checking areas with more 25KM/h speed.
  • Making illegal and unnecessary decorations on the vehicle.
  • Driving a vehicle with smoky silencers.
  • Not following road instructions.
  • Not using seat belts.
  • Sudden and unnecessary braking.
  • When not allowing moving priority to VIP or Ambulance vehicles.
  • Loading a truck or heavy vehicle without following the safety measures.
  • Leaving the car on slopping areas of the roads.

SAR 100 up to 300 Fine (Category 7)

  • Nose picking when you driving a car.
  • Driving a car without Istimara and Fahas.
  • Using strong lights.
  • Not keeping a safe distance.
  • Parking in public areas without following the rules.
  • Driving a car not in your name.
  • Wrong indicators.
  • Driving a car without seat belts.

SAR 100 up to 150 Fine (Category 8)

  • Throwing objects at the roads from the car.
  • Getting in and out when the car is moving.
  • Pedestrians violations.
  • Parking at areas where parking isn’t allowed.
  • Car driving without or not valid insurance.
  • Leaving your vehicle when the Engines is ON.
You will be fine in all the above-mentioned and similar cases, so be patient while driving and be safe. All this is for your safety from the Government of KSA. This is just to ensure you and others are safe while driving. All the above are the main and basic new amendments and penalties for traffic violations in Saudi Arabia.
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