New Traffic Penalties Violations in KSA

The new fee for traffic penalties and traffic rules has been updated 3 months ago by the Government of Saudi Arabia. The Saudi traffic fine list has been updated 3 months ago with traffic rules and violation fees in KSA for all expatriates and Saudis. These fines and violations are included a Saher camera fine as well traffic signal camera fine.

One of the strict rules is that you will need to park your car/vehicle if you have reserved and paid for your parking area on the road. Otherwise, you will need to pay your illegal parking fine in Saudi Arabia.

All traffic violation fines are updated, the reason behind this is a large number of accidents in the Kingdom were noticed each year. One of the main reasons behind all this was the National Day 30,000 plus accidents were reported from almost every single city in the KSA.

So the authorities increased the traffic fines, violations, and penalties. And everybody is strictly instructed to follow the traffic rules and pay the penalties when a person made some. Learn how to check traffic violations on MOI.

Traffic Law new Amendments KSA

For every single violation of traffic rules, the penalties are double now. Before it was just SAR. 1000 and now it’s 2000 SAR. The 3000 SAR penalty has increased by 3000 SAR which becomes 6000 SAR now. And 5000 SAR has increased by more than 5000 SAR to 10000 SAR.

Penalty up to SAR 2000

  • Not wearing a helmet while driving a motorcycle.
  • If you park your car/vehicle on a railway track.
  • If you are caught by the police while using someone else driving license.
  • Use the wrong number plates on your car/vehicle.
  • Overloading your car/taxi.

Penalty up to SAR 6000

  • Using someone else car/vehicle number plate.
  • Red signal crossover.
  • Using emojis and 3rd party number plates.
  • Playing with your car speed while overspeeding.
  • If you don’t stop your vehicle at checkpoints.
  • Overspeeding in front of schools and playing with your car’s speed overtaking the school bus etc.

Penalty up to SAR 10,000

  • Getting non-healthy items while driving.
  • Driving while you are not in your control.
  • Carrying unhealthy unwanted things in your car/vehicle.
  • Driving a stolen car.
  • Driving non-matching parts vehicles.
You will be fine in all the above-mentioned and similar cases, so be patient while driving and be safe. All this is for your safety from the Government of KSA. This is just to ensure you and others are safe while driving. All the above are the main and basic new amendments and penalties for traffic violations in Saudi Arabia.
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